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Courts of Heaven
Why do some people pray in agreement with God’s will, heart and timing, yet the desired answers do not come? Why would God not respond when we pray from the earnestness of our hearts? What is the problem, or better yet, what is the solution?
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Spiritual Warfare & the Purple Robe are a series of eBooks/PDF’s written by two members of our Ministry. These books describe the personal experiences, dreams, revelations, the end times, what is to come in the Rapture and Tribulation, they contain open visions given by The Lord to one of our members. These books will open your eyes to how Satan manipulates and controls people.
Spiritual Warfare & The Purple Robe
David's Stone
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More and more Satanists are being saved and coming into the light of the Lord. The Satanic world is working even harder to kill off  Believers and make them backslide so they can fall into despair.  Satan’s Secrets exposes the techniques, people and Ex-Satanists testimonies to the world so that more people will not be fooled by his great deception.
Satan's Secrets


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Final calls before the Rapture

Final revelations of the Holy Spirit given to the children of God

  • Satan wants to STRIP YOU OF YOUR DIGNITY

    Donna McDonald 12 March 2017 The LORD wants to me to give you a word: HE wants you to know that HIS enemy–also your enemy is behind the fashion industry that has BOTH men and women dressing indecently– Satan wants to STRIP YOU OF YOUR DIGNITY– this is the Word I received from the LORD: […]

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  • Keep looking up. Keep looking for ME to come from the East.

    Donna McDonald 12 March 2017 Dear LORD what do you want to say to the people today? Yes, I have a message for MY children, today. Children, this is your LORD, I have a message for you. Keep looking up. Keep looking for ME to come from the East. I will not be giving you […]

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    Susan Davis 9 March 2017 This is for LUKEWARM CHURCH PASTORS–WHO HATE HEARING ABOUT & TALKING ABOUT END TIMES–RAPTURE–TALKING ABOUT JESUS SOON-COMING: My question is regarding the lukewarm church that like an ostrich has its head in the sand and both refuses to acknowledge that we are in the end times and callously refuses to […]

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From the Heart of Jesus

The Word directly from the mouth of Jesus

  • Labors Of Love Message 480 – Terri Taplin

    Terri Taplin Published on Mar 24, 2017 Labors Of Love Message 480 I had a few very real feeling dreams last night. The first dream was really fun. I dreamed I was in a city with a lot of people that were putting together a live Nativity. First they were going to have a parade […]

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  • I Am Carrying You Over The Threshold of Your Dreams & Rivalry-Jealousy

    Still Small Voice / Clare du Bois Published on Mar 23, 2017 So you see there is no need to envy your neighbor. When you focus on anyone else you miss the beauty of who and what I created you to be. The singular beauty is soiled and frustrated by attitudes of competition and jealousy. […]

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  • I’m On My Way Back Home Message 469 – Terri Taplin

    Terri Taplin Published on Mar 23, 2017 I’m On My Way Back Home Message 469 Since last evening I have felt a sorrow in my spirit, I have felt a loneliness, brokenness, and despair, the feeling of almost drowning in emotion and fear. Then I started hearing the song “All The Lonely People” by America. […]

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Satan's Secrets

Ex Satan worshippers exposing the secrets of Satan


Read about the many experiences from believers all over the world


Read about the many experiences from believers all over the world

  • Vaccination Voodoo: What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines

    Vaccination Voodoo: What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines by Catherine J Frompovich Vaccination Voodoo uses peer reviewed journal studies, U.S. health agencies information, and other documentation to disclose what’s in vaccines that consumers, unfortunately, do not know. Vaccine ingredients can include such components as Thimerosal, which is 49.6% ethylmercury, aluminum, 2-Phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde/Formalin, polysorbate 80, phenol,

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  • Revelations of the end times by Philipa Kuranchie

    josue de yahushua Published on Apr 23, 2014 PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK FOR FURTHER DISSEMINATION. IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO, YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO DOWNLOAD, AND UPLOAD IT TO YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. josue de yahushua:… facebook:… twitter: Download free this book in:……

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  • The Priestly Bride by Anna Rountree, Heaven Awaits the Bride Part 2

    DivineRevelations Spiritlessons Published on Dec 10, 2016 A beautiful revelation of God, showing how the bride of Christ must make herself ready. This book reveals Jesus in glorious new ways and the unspeakable marvels of our God. Find how to discover the secret of the hidden stairway into the heart of God! And how to

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  • The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

    DivineRevelations Spiritlessons Uploaded on Jan 10, 2011 While staying at a mountain cabin, Anna Rountree was caught up in a tremendous vision of Heaven. While there, she was taught by angels & met Jesus himself. Anna Rountree provides readers with a stunning vision of what heaven is like and and shows a sobering picture of

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  • Emotional PAIN and RESTORING Relationships – J2W Book 3

    RE-wiring the brain. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 “3 For though we walk (live) in the flesh, we are not carrying on our warfare according to the flesh and using mere human weapons. 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not physical , but they are  mighty  before GOD for the overthrow

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  • Emotional PAIN and BUILDING HEALTHY Relationships – J2W Book 2

    ALL Interconnected! A certain Dr. Arthur Janov states — “Pain is at the core of mental and physical illness — that is, pain that comes from trauma and unmet needs.” He was not even aware of the GREAT impact this kind of pain can also have on the SPIRIT of the individual. In J2F, we

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