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Christ End Time Ministries is a non-profit Christian Ministry based in Cape Town, South Africa. We help all ministries/believers/churches by distributing “End Time” materials, such as printed booklets, CDs, distributions of believers’ personal testimonies through this website.

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Spiritual Warfare & the Purple Robe Book 18
- Electronic Warfare -

In a Spirit Revelation, Yolin is shown that Hameed, her old adversary, had been given an important assignment by the queen of the coast. Not knowing what to expect they are led to go to the Court of Accusation with this Spirit Revelation. The intensity of the Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) attacks on Yolin’s mom grow more intense each night, piercing into her ears and head and turning her bedroom into an electromagnetic frequency torture chamber, spun with live spider web like microwaves, different types of electromagnetic frequencies and high energy laser beams. She realises that this was the special assignment given to Hameed by the queen of the coast!!!

In a Spirit Vision, Yolin sees Hameed exerting an unexplainable, enormous amount of evil abilities and power, piercing through the veil with powerful, intense electromagnetic frequencies. How was he able to do this? Were they using these cell towers to carry out their special assignments to terrorise their victims and to wear out the Believers?

With a sense of hopelessness, they realise the enormity of the battle they must now face – occult warfare combined with occult, marine, spiritual technology!

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