23 Minutes in Hell – Bill Wiese


Published on 16 Jan 2013

On November 23rd, 1998 Bill Wiese experienced something so horrifying it would continue to captivate the world for over a decade. Bill shares his terrifying experience as described in his book, “23 Minutes in Hell.” This powerful message will change your life!
This video is taken from his DVD which is included with his 3rd book, “23 Questions about Hell.” Copyright 2010 by Bill Wiese. (DVD includes additional content).
Questions answered are:
  • Isn’t God mean for making hell?
  • What about the person in the remotest part of the jungle who never heard of Jesus?
  • Isn’t preaching “hell” using scare tactics?
  • Where was God when the disaster (earthquake, hurricane, etc) struck?
  • Didn’t Jesus preach love and acceptance?
  • Why are the demons themselves not in torment?
  • AND many more questions answered…

www.23MinutesinHell.org facebook: facebook.com/billwiesetv youtube: youtube.com/billwiesetv twitter: @billwiese A special thank you to Christian Family Church, Johannesburg, South Africa and Dr. Theo Wolmarans. Amazing people and work of God! We love you!