The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD: Chap. 6 – The Orbs Vision—1992


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The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD

16 December 2017

Table of Contents
1. Ezekiel’s/Daniel’s Vision—2006 …9
2. The Locust Vision—2008 ………..21
3. Verbal Encounters—2011 ……….33
4. The Visitation Vision—2011……..37
5. Throne of God: Husband and
Wife Vision—2012……………………..47
6. The Orbs Vision—1992…………..53
7. Invisible Visual
8. Intervention Encounter—1979…63
9. Rapture: The
Recurring Dream—1963 ……………65
10. Final Warning ……………………..73
11. Attempts to Disclose …………….87
12. Conclusion…………………………..91

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The Gift of Visions by the Grace of GOD

The Orbs Vision—1992

This vision occurred in 1992 in California. This was the first vision in the sky and the hardest for me to understand. I could not find this in the Word of God, so I had to pray about this one really hard. One morning around a month or so after my prayer, a thought came to my mind: Look in the dictionary. So I did. I was amazed at the world view in the Reader’s Digest Oxford Complete Wordfinder.

Orb: “1: A globe surmounted by a cross carried by a sovereign at a coronation.” What? I just had to break down this definition. I needed to start with surmounted, “a cap or crown.”

The word sovereign, “1: A supreme ruler.”
The definition of coronation, “1: The ceremony of crowning a supreme ruler or supreme ruler’s consort.” The definition of consort, “1: A wife or husband.

2: A companion or associate.

3: A ship sailing with another.

4: Keep company
associate with another, harmonize; class or bring together, sharer, comrade.” I will explain at the end of this chapter what I believe, in my thoughts and in my heart, this vision means and also why I believe God gave me this visual vision in the sky first. In 1992, I was driving home from Sea World with my son, Daniel. We were on the freeway when my son said, “Hey, Dad. What is that?” I looked to my left and up toward the sky and saw orange orbs. They were kind of far away at first. I immediately said, “Maybe fireworks!” We kept driving. Next thing I noticed, these orange orbs, three of them, were close on our left side. One would come down, and two would go up.

They kept doing this over and over. Two down and then one up. I told my son (who was five at the time) to get the camera out of the bag. I pulled over to film them, and these three orbs vanished. As we sat there in the car, my son asked, “What are they?” I could not give him an answer. I did not know as I had no idea at the time. There was no craft, just three orange orbs.

We put the camera back in the bag and started driving toward home. About five minutes later, there they were again; this time, on our right side doing the same thing. They moved and looked like they were alive. My son was so excited, but I was puzzled. So again we pulled over, and again they would disappear as though they knew what I was trying to do before I did it.

Nineteen years later, I now know what this vision meant: the ceremony of crowning a supreme ruler consort. I believe God gave me this vision in the sky first because he showed me one vision, according to his timetable, to unseal scripture for a final generation. When I say the Lord chose me, it is not because I have been good or better than anyone else. It is not because I am a good person or I earned it in any way. If I were to get what I earned, I would already be in hell, burning in the eternal lake of fire, tortured endlessly by the demons (fallen angels) forever.

The Lord chose me for many reasons, and here are a few: The Lord likes working through imperfect beings because we cannot boast about the gifts we have been given. Like these visions. By choosing a sinner like me, it proves we are saved by his grace, love, and belief in his crucifixion and resurrection. By choosing me, I also realized that when I accepted him as a child, as I grew up and turned my back on him, he never left me. I realize that the Lord wasn’t looking for instant perfection. I believe the Lord likes taking the worst of the worst and changing them into the image of Jesus. Again, the reason for the visions is to bring fulfillment to the scriptures of the Word of God. I believe the reason God gave me this vision first is this was a crowning ceremony. The Lord chose me for many future visions. I did not understand this until 2011.

Another definition for orb is “a heavenly body, an all-seeing eye.” I must say, my life and attitude have been changed in the last couple of years. I now realize how important our short lives really are and that it is sooner than later when we all will stand before the all-knowing God. I believe these orbs represent the Trinity of God. It seems the more I know Jesus, the more he changes me inside out. Jesus likes taking people who believe they have done too much wrong to be forgiven. Then he takes you through a learning process and reveals the gifts he gave you to reach other
people with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Definitions from the Reader’s Digest Oxford Complete Wordfinder.

1. A globe surmounted by a cross carried by a sovereign at a
2. A sphere, a globe.
3. A heavenly body.
4. An eyeball.
5. Enclose in (an orb); encircle.

1. Overcome or get over a difficulty or obstacle.
2. Cap or crown.

1. A supreme ruler, excellent, effective, possessing independent
national power.
2. Monarch, king, a powerful supreme ruler.

1. A wife or husband of royalty.
2. A companion or associate.
3. A ship sailing with another.
4. Keep company, associate, harmonize.
5. Class or bring together, sharer, comrade.