A Divine Revelation of Hell

A Divine Revelation of Hell

by Mary k Baxter

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I recognize that without the supernatural power of the Lord Jesus Christ, this book nor any other which proposes to deal with the afterlife could be written.  Jesus alone holds the keys to Hell and has paid the price for our entrance to heaven.

I found that writing this book was a long, lonely, demanding experience.  In fact, the book has waited several years to be revealed.  The revelations from the Lord came to me in 1976.  It took eight months to put it on paper.  The writing of the manuscript itself covered a period of several years and putting the Scripture references in step-by-step order took another year.  Finalizing the book took the best part of the winter of 1982 and the year 1983.  In addition, for a period of thirty nights, Jesus took me into hell, followed by ten nights of visits to heaven.

I see now that the Lord was preparing me to write this book when even as a child had dream about God.  After I was born again, I had a very strong love for the lost and wanted to see souls saved.

Later the Lord appeared to me in 1976 and told me that I was chosen for a special assignment, He said, “My child, I will manifest myself to you to bring people out of darkness into light.  For the Lord God has chosen you for a purpose; to write and make a record of the things I will show and tell you.

“I am going to reveal unto you the reality of hell, that many may be saved, many will repent of their evil ways before it is too late.

“Your soul will be taken out of your body, by me, the Lord Jesus Christ, and transmitted into Hell and other places that I want you to see.  I will also show you visions of heaven and other places and give you many revelations.