A Prayer to put on the Armour of God

Father in Yahushua’s name,

Thank you for all You have done in My life,

all that You are doing and will do in the future.

I thank You Father for Your precious protection in my life.

I put on the belt of truth

the breast plate of righteousness

the shoes of peace

the shield of faith

the helmet of Salvation

and the Sword which is Your Word of God Father.

In Yahushua’s name Father I put on the armour of light around me three times,

the blood of Yahushua’s from the top of my head to the soles of my feet.

Thank you Father for placing the living swords of protection around me,

the hedges of swords of protection around me and also

the living diamond swords of protection around me Father.

Thank You for placing a guard around my heart, my mind, my body, my soul

and my spirit in Yahushua’s name.

Please place a guard around my immune system

and create antibodies in me to combat any further infection.

Thank You Father for placing Heavenly holy pillars of fire around me.

Thank You  for a guard all around my senses Father.

In Yahushua’s name Father please place a guard around the radiological,

technical, technological, toxic and adverse environmental forms

in this earth and not of this earth.

Please send forth Your Angels of protection a trillion fold Father

to protect me and my household,

my vehicle and around our property lines.

Please forgive me for any sins (confess sins) I repent,

renounce and forsake them and I choose to turn from my sin

in Yahushua’s name.

I forgive all those who I feel who have wronged me

and I bless them and give them to You Father in Yahushua’s name.

I forgive myself for my sin.

Thank You Father for helping me seek Your Kingdom First

and Your Righteousness so I may walk hand in hand with You.

Help me to do Your perfect will Father.

Please be my helper, my keeper and my teacher and everything Father.

I love You so much and I ask You to remove all that is not of You in my life

and put what is of You in my life.

I give You my heart, my mind, my body,  my soul and my spirit to You Father.

Father help me be Your daughter/son You have intended me to be

and Walk out the calling on my life.

Help me seek You always for everything Father in Yahushua’s name.

I love You my Sweet Yahweh in Yahushua’s name!

(Then pray in the Spirit led by Him)