Activating the Ekklesia in the Courts of Heaven, Session 5 – Beverley Watkins


Published on 18 Jul 2016

In Session 4 of the Activating the Ekklesia in the Courts of Heaven conference in Phoenix, AZ on July 9th, 2016, Pastor Rob Winters preaches a prophetic message entitled, “Removing Legal Roadblocks to Fulfilling Your Destiny Now!”. This message is about the Joshua Generation – the remnant church that the Lord is raising up over the next seven year season of war to possess our promised land. This is the remnant church’s due season and God desires to promote us, yet we must remove legal roadblocks to fulfilling our destiny! One of the accusations that we must answer in the courts of heaven is our pride manifested through selfish ambition. Therefore, we must humble ourselves under the Lord’s mighty hand that He might exalt us in due season.