Anoint With Oil Message 397 – Terri Taplin


Anoint With Oil Message 397

My Children, I hear your cries, and I hear the cries of the dead. I hear and see all, and soon My judgment will be seen by all as it will pour out on all nations.

I cannot any longer allow the evil in this world to poison and hurt My people as they are mine and I will take no more. I will tolerate their lust for evil no more.

I will no longer let them spit in My face, as I AM God and will be mocked no more. No more will they laugh at My children, or come against them, as they are Mine.

When someone does this to one of Mine they do it to Me, and I will have no more.

My time has come, and this will not be good for those that are not within Me. This is My Passover, this is My time, as the day of the Lord is upon you. Anoint your house, each other, and stand in for those that are not with you as you do.

Ask the Holy Spirit to stand with you as you anoint yourself, those with you, and through Him anoint the ones you pray for. It is time for My anointing oil to be poured out upon My people.

The time has come, and I will be seen along with My Angels and My Army as the time is here. My Righteousness will be seen soon in My judgment as I AM God.

I Am faithful and I will let no harm come to those that are Mine. Do not fear what is to come as I am with you, and will protect and provide.


Last night I had a dream that I was in my bedroom. It was dark but I am not sure it was night time. There was a female Angel and she took me to my bedroom door and told me to look up. I did and saw something in the upper corner. She said see Jesus is watching over you. He monitors everything.
He is with us, please do not be afraid, stay in Him and know He is with you and all will be fine. We have been staying within Him and praying His will be done.
Please continue to do so as the time is close. I do not know just what, when or how things will happen but I truly feel it is very close. God bless us all as we wait for His will to be done.