When you go into a Christian bookstore there are hundreds if not thousands of titles to choose from of spiritual books. How do you know what to choose from and know that the book really represents GOD? I believe you need to give your life over to the LORD and allow the HOLY SPIRIT to lead you. Here are some books I believe are anointed and of GOD that the HOLY SPIRIT has directed me to read over the years:

Anointed Books Series Report 1:
I have wanted to do a report of “anointed” books: inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT: books that have the obvious influence of the HOLY SPIRIT on the people who have written them. Apart from the BIBLE, there are some really good books that will help you with your walk to go deeper with GOD.

I am beginning my series of anointed book reports with books by Anna Rountree and Dr. Dale Fife:
For those who have enjoyed “The Priestly Bride” by Anna Rountree—you will surely enjoy the three books written by Dr. Dale Fife: “The Secret Place,” “The Hidden Kingdom—Journey Into the Heart of GOD,” and “Spirit Wind: The Ultimate Adventure.” In these books written by Anna Rountree and Dr. Dale Fife—the writers are given a series of visions and the HOLY SPIRIT reveals the heart of GOD through parable-style writings that bring the reader back to the importance of seeking GOD and an intimate relationship with GOD. Exactly like the tradition of the anointed classic “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan, Anna Rountree and Dr. Dale Fife receive insight on GOD for the readers through parables and story-style adventure.