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Book 17: Entity Shapeshift

Entity Shapeshift The Lord Jesus in His infinite Mercy had given us victory over the aforementioned demonic attacks. With fervent prayers, we entered the New Year covenanting for our protection. The few days which followed gave us much hope when unexpectedly the unwanted reappeared. We had once again no clue as to why a deadly […]

Book 17: Alien Attacks

Alien Attacks It puzzled us over and over again why our entire property, house, and possessions sank beneath the ground every day at a certain time. Mom would purposely do shopping only to experience that this followed her. After much intense warfare releasing Blazing Holy Fire and Holy Electricity, she petitioned, “Father, open up the […]

Book 17: Entities / Dream Catchers

Entities / Dream Catchers   Yet warfare continued as spiritual violence intensified especially during our most vulnerable hours of sleep. In spite of deep warfare prayers at night, this remained a huge unanswered question! One morning, mom awoke under heavy spiritual violence and wondered about its source. Feeling awful she decided to persevere in warfare […]

Book 17: Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse   Instantly, warfare broke out, as the black crow flew away there remained standing before our front door an entity which I am not able to really describe. Mom destroyed all satan’s properties and footholds, mansions etc. built in the spirit realm on top of our house. The black crows continued making their […]

Book 17: Worldwide Zombies Epidemic

Worldwide Zombies Epidemic   Yet spiritual abuse spiralled out of control as the time to find the source of this type of spiritual persecution became prolonged. So for weeks, we suffered, especially during our most vulnerable periods when we were too exhausted to defend ourselves. Our bedrooms turned into torture chambers especially during the wee […]