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The Judgement of God

The Judgement of God By Book of Remembrance A shaking comes your way oh earth. A shaking in the physical and in the spiritual. The world has settled into a state of apathy, it is time to rattle you out of your comfort zone, it is time to make some tough choices. Romans 14:12-13, 2 […]

Book 18: Witch Hunting

Witch Hunting Download Book 18 In Spirit dream, I was shown that I was with three others in the midst of an enormous castle. The existing world within this castle seemed to cover the whole earth. Thousands upon thousands of rooms interlinked with a one another along with thousands of corridors. The entire castle appeared […]

Book 18: New Levels

New Levels Download Book 18 During the season of asking the Father to awaken a new realm to the scrolls of our destiny which He had created and ordained for us, I was taken into Spirit Revelation. My spirit understood it to be a different season and time, and in many different revelations, I was […]

Book 18: Microwave Weapons

Microwave Weapons Download Book 18   Yet we suffered very heavy pressure of mind binding and bending powers and were once again puzzled. That night we went back to the Court of Accusation. After the gathering of prayer, it was dropped into her Spirit to remove the microwave and to put it out into the […]