AUTISTIC BOY HEALED! While asleep sees Jesus & golden castle in heaven

15 Jan 2018
Brooklyn was diagnosed with autism. An an autistic child he struggled to speak, to relate to others, to understand others’ emotions, to follow instructions, he suffered bouts of anger, educationally delayed, and couldn’t make friends. He received professional help, but there is no cure for autism. His parents put their faith in Jesus. Watch the Holy Spirit help the father to grow in his faith for his boy’s healing. When prayed for Brooklyn felt an angel touch him and saw Jesus. He fell asleep and saw a ‘golden castle’ in heaven (the heavenly city). When he woke up he was completely healed, and is a normal little boy. Watch this incredible testimony and let your faith be strengthened in God’s promises and in Jesus Christ. To Jesus Christ be the glory. PARENTS OF AUTISTIC CHILDREN: There is no need to bring special needs/autistic children to the meeting whom you think are likely to be distressed in the meeting (screaming or aggressive). Just present a photo of the child on your phone to be prayed for. Prayer given is spiritual and unaffected by physical distance. God loves you, and may He bless your life as you follow Jesus, Mark Hemans