Baptised by Blazing Fire Book 4


Baptised by Blazing Fire Book 4

by Pastor Kim Yong Doo

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Pastor Kim Yong Doo Baptised by Blazing Fire Book 4

Hallelujah! I give all the glory and appreciation to God who has led me to read this precious book.  I came across the book, ‘Baptism by Blazing Fire.’ After I had bought and read this book from a Christian book store, I thought to myself, ‘What on earth! This is happening at a small church located in a basement? A newly established church in Incheon?’ I then immediately bought the 2nd and 3rd book to read.  I have read about the Lord’s Church family members who were not saved and now in hell tormented by fire. I have read about their regrets and resentments. I have also read about the homes and gardens in heaven that are for the saints. Heaven is beautiful and the homes are made of gold and decorated with precious stones. We will live in them for eternity. As I read, I have come to realize the amazing love of God and His infinity. All throughout my reading, I was in constant shock and impressed greatly.   I have read many books and testimonies of people experiencing direct and personal revelation of heaven and hell from saints within Korea and throughout the world. However, there were not many books that documented practical event and their circumstances so meticulously. There are not many books that have shocked or impressed me.

The wife of Pastor Kim, Yong Doo, his son Joseph (17), his daughter Joo Eun (15), and several members of his church members have all been obedient to the pastor’s direction and leadership. They have listened to the Word of God, worshipped, praised, and prayed every evening from 9 PM until the early next morning. How could this not please God? Their all night prayer service was not just a one or two day event. They have been doing this for several years. It didn’t matter whether it rained or snowed, they had never missed a day. They had been crying out to the Lord through the years without any rest. As they cried out in this manner, their prayers reached the throne of Father God and He was moved. The Lord then personally and directly came to visit them. He comforted and gave them hope.

Moreover, great power and authority was granted to them. They had received the baptism by Holy Fire, tongues, prophecy, gifts of healing, gifts of spiritual discernment, and the power and authority to cast out demons, devils, and evil spirits. The Lord had sent them to hell as part of an intensive training program so that they could be used greater. Their spiritual eyes had awakened. They were able to physically and spiritually see the Lord standing next to them. They Lord allowed them to see Him whether their eyes were physically opened or closed. They were also able to see heaven and hell. They were granted the ability to see the different variety of evil spirits. They were granted spiritual power and authority from the Word to smash and defeat the power and authority of the devil in hell. It is just astonishing.