Baptised by Blazing Fire Book 5


Baptised by Blazing Fire Book 4

by Pastor Kim Yong Doo

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At the Lord’s Church, we start daily night services at 9 PM. During the first service, we dance in the Holy Spirit as we worship and praise for about an hour. We then have intercessory prayer and pray for many different needs and subjects. After that, the pastor preaches and proclaims the message. All the above is finished by 11:30 PM. We break for 30 minutes as we fellowship and eat snacks. During the second service, we perform deliverance and other ministerial duties such as imparting Holy Fire for an hour. We then begin our corporate and individual prayers. At times, people can have the opportunity for a short individual counsel. But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through His name. (John 20:31) With special attention and complete care, The Trinity God has made it possible for books 1 to 4 to be already published. Book 5 is now about to be published. This is all by the Lord’s awesome grace. When one of the books is published, the devil and his forces attack in waves, it was beyond our imagination. Book 5 had been delayed due to severe attacks. Since I am writing and disclosing the identity of the devil and evil spirits, I had to pay a price of severe spiritual warfare on a daily basis. However, I was strengthened by many pastors, their wives, and other believers. They were aware of the battle I was experiencing, and were interceding on my behalf and gave me messages of great encouragement. As a result, book 5 is now published.

Jesus had previously said to me, “Pastor Kim, from now and hereafter, you will encounter many trials and challenging incidents. I especially advise you to take good care of your physical health. You body is not yours.” The Lord’s words were so touching and thankful. I am so grateful to Him. Now, I have finally realized what the words the Lord had given me really meant.

I still hear the voices of negative criticisms and accusations from the other churches, and by fellow ministers who do not understand the Fire Baptism ministry. However, some of them have visited the Lord’s Church and personally experienced the spiritual warfare with demons. They then confirmed that this ministry is ordained by Trinity God. This is the Lord’s ministry. The baptism of fire ministry ascertains that Christians must have victory over spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is an unavoidable process. The Holy Spirit has confirmed through experience.

In book 5, I have documented the amazing prayer answered, the triumphant report of spiritual battles, the testimony of experiencing the baptism by fire, and the Lord’s prophecy of the problems we will face in the ministry of fire baptism. The amazing prayer that has been answered was our request to have our church move to a larger building. We moved from an underground church, below street level (711 square feet) to a ground level building (9400 square feet). Also, a triumphant report of spiritual warfare in the Middle East. Twenty five members from our church went on a pilgrimage to the Middle East countries to battle with each countries specific principality.

This book confirms multiple times that the life of a Christian is spiritual warfare with devil and his demons. This book greatly awakens us. I give all the glory to the Lord for assisting me in writing and publishing the books. I am deeply grateful to the fellow believers, ministers, and the publisher, Ye Cha Sa editing crew.