Barley, Wheat And Tares Message 514 – Terri Taplin


Terri Taplin

Published on Apr 26, 2017

Barley, Wheat, And Tares Message 514

My Children, I ask you which one are you?

There are many that think they are Barley and Wheat, but truly are the Tares; they go around with their ideas of who and what I am, but they do not know Me, they do not know My heart.

If they did, they would not come against the messages I Give through My Chosen ones, saying that I am looking for the perfect, and that to make mistakes is sin.

I Tell You Now, There Is Not One Man That Is Perfect Under His Own Power, not one person who has never made a mistake, and a mistake is just that, a mistake and not sin.

The perfection that is in you is My Son, His salvation, as through His sacrifice, His blood in you covers all, all sin, and makes you perfect in My eyes.

You are seen through My eyes and not the eyes of man.

If man could achieve perfection on his own, there would have been no need to send My Son to be your sacrifice, as you are saved by grace and mercy alone.

Stop now My Children, stop letting yourself be taken away from Me, away from My anointing and the Holy Spirit teaching you.

Do not lose the gifts that are trying to be given to you right now, as there is much, so very much I want you to receive now.

Come in to Me, let go of the mindset of the world and let the Holy Spirit fill you completely.

There truly is no more time to waste, do not delay your spiritual growth, or My love in you, from taking complete hold of you, as truly this too is a gift I want all of My Children to receive and live in.

The things that you have been warned about are near, so very near to becoming reality.

If you do not know the salvation of My Son, Jesus Christ/Yeshua call out His Name now and receive His forgiveness, mercy and grace.

Let the Holy Spirit fill you and be made a new creation.

If you have and are not completely living in My love, come into Me now and let Us fill you, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit as together We are God, and love you more than you know.

There is nothing in you, that is not of Me that you should hold on to.

Come to Me and let Me take it from you, and truly set you free.

It is not too late for the Tares to become Wheat, and the Wheat to become Barley.

Until the catching away, there is still time, so do not waste a moment.

There is nothing to fear as I will truly take you through, if you let Me.

The Trinity

God loves us all so very much and wants us all to have His heart, to live in His love and us all to come home. It does not matter if this person is right about a scripture, or that person is.
What matters is what and who is in our heart. Let the love of God be in your heart and go to Him, let the Holy Spirit fill you and flow through you now, while there is still time.
God bless us all, and I love you.