Beauty and The BEAST – The BAPHOMET Is In The ILLUMINATI Movie!


Seho Song / Gwendolen Song

Published on 2 Apr 2017

The New World Order’s Beauty of a BEAST: WORDS FROM Jesus Christ the Messiah (Messenger Gwendolen Song, April 2, 2017)
The Illuminati wants to repackage the Beast as a HERO, as a good guy, as someone you can count on when the going gets tough. In the future, the Illuminati wants you to think that the word “Beast” is a good name, that he has benefits for you, and that ultimately, he is your HERO. Be wise as a serpent and know the plans of the enemy!



The NWO’s Beauty of a Beast: Words from Jesus Christ the Messiah
Messenger Gwendolen Song
April 2, 2017

To My dearest children,

Do you find it a good idea to pay money to see anything that has the name BEAST attached to it? Do you find it a better investment of your money than paying for a homeless person to have a hot meal or a starving person to have enough resources? No children. I say before you go spending money on any entertainment, please come before My holy throne inquiring if there is a better usage for the money that I allow you to possess. Ask Me, and I will guide you in every detail of your life. Did you know dearest ones that with the price of a single movie ticket you could feed a homeless person for three days? Yes, dearest ones. So please be resourceful with the money that I have given to you in order to allow others who are suffering to be able to endure for one more day. I have allowed many of My children to make larger earnings than others because I want them to spread their wealth to the less fortunate. Come to Me, dearest ones, and I will guide you in all of the areas of your life, and your life will overflow with blessings if and when you obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit on your life.

Children, many of you have seen the movie or have read the story of Beauty and the Beast. Many of you understand that there is a man who is under a curse of a witch and because he has a cold heart he has to learn to love and open up his heart in a brand new way. The problem with this plot, dearest ones, is that it is filled with witchcraft and divination. Do you know what My Holy Word has to say about this topic? It states to have nothing to do with witchcraft or sorcery. There are no verses that state that if a movie had cute characters and filled with wonderful-sounding music that I make exceptions. No children. No. Please carefully read My Holy Word again when it pertains to participating in activities that have occultic influences, children. I do not take it lightly when My children do not follow My Holy Word, and they make exceptions to suit their own needs.

The other topic that I wish to discuss children is the resemblance of the Beast in this movie to the official Baphomet statues that are being erected across the United States. Children, the similarity is no accident! The New World Order is giving you a sneak peek at their real king, and that is Lucifer. He is the one who guides their day to day activities, and Hollywood is trying to repackage the king of hell as a nice guy for their agenda. My daughter Gwendolen has seen the face of satan many times as he has come to personally torment her and she can share with many of you that his representation in the movie is his actual image except that instead of musical renditions of Disney songs, he screams blasphemous words of hatred and jealousy. Yes, children. He is not capable of being a nice guy for more than a moment because he is evil to the core.

If you have taken the time to go and see this movie, dearest ones, please come before Me on your knees and repent for participating in this Hollywood phenomenon. I do not want My holy children involved in any activities that have witchcraft or sorcery or scary images. You are opening up opportunities for the enemy to walk right into your life and by abstaining from them, you are using great wisdom. Again dearest ones, please repent if you have taken your precious time away from your lives to go and be entertained by images of a singing beast. Do not participate in these activities. There are so many more holy activities that you could be doing for My glory.

That is all for now.

King Jesus