Book 1 Ch-1: Jesus said this Chapter will be called Redemption

As the picture appeared, Jesus said unto me, “This should be called”

Chapter One 


Then the Lord Jesus said unto me, “This is the End of Chapter One.”

The completed manuscript was revealed to me as it was afore written on Ancient Brownish Scrolls.

The Lord Jesus has implanted a very special love in my heart for Choo Nam Thomas. He has revealed her true identity to me. She truly is God’s chosen End-Time Prophetess. I have witnessed her True Spirit Identity; therefore the Lord has instructed [Christ End-Time Ministries] to stand up for Choo Nam Thomas. She has our full support.

Please read Heaven Is So Real.

These are the Lord’s important Words He said unto Choo Nam – “My coming for my people is so near. Satan knows this and he is trying to destroy as many souls as he can before they are saved. I try to save as many souls as I can, no matter what it takes. Every church must cast out the devil continually by prayer. My churches have been too comfortable. I am very dissatisfied with many of them. I am coming sooner than they expect.” Jesus is the Anointed and Chosen Son of God. The love for the Lord my God burns deep within me.

[Acts 4: 12] “And there is Salvation in and through no one else, for there is No Other Name under heaven given among men by and in which we must be saved.” 

TRUTH is in JESUS CHRIST embodied and personified only in HIM.