Book 1 Ch-2: The City of Nineveh

On the morning of the 20th March 2007, I was with the Lord Jesus Christ and was shown a revelation of insight into a particular mystery. A city situated in a mountainous area.

Now while Jesus and I were walking through this city, we witnessed much wickedness. We were also well aware and vigilant of the evil hordes. These hordes had wrought great and widespread havoc even throughout the surrounding cities. Heedful of these inhabitants, I observed that they took on the image of these hordes. The people wore what looked like darkish grey armor; the appearance of the Romans of ancient times. As long as the Lord and I were passing through the city, the citizens began pursuing us. To avoid the angry crowds we proceeded toward the mountain slopes.

As we ran up the rise, we spotted an army of evil eyed, demonic spirits. These forms were descending swiftly upon us. They rode huge, black horses and were well armed. The devilish horde wore the same armor as the citizens. Their forms were as large as life – black. They were completely sealed in by their armor, even the black horses wore sealed-in armor. These masses moved in a flash in their evil quality. Now as these forces enjoined, the Lord and I were instantaneously lifted up far above their reach, and without hesitation we flew out and headed towards the sea. While we sojourned, the Lord Jesus paused for some time. Then Jesus asked me, “Do you want to accept Me?” This question really stirred my heart and I began to weep. “Yes Lord, I accept You!” I replied.

The Lord Jesus said that He wanted a confirmation. He also said that everyone He had asked had rejected this simple question. But He said that I was of the remnant that had accepted Him and would in no wise associate or team up with the unrighteousness. Jesus looked very sad as He said that those who had declined this question had chosen to enjoy themselves in sinful simplicity. Feeling the sorrow of the Lord, I cried the more. In spite of our sadness, we continued our journey. Looking ahead I saw no visible place but from a distance a very heavy murky storm cloud.

[Isaiah 50:2–3] “I clothe the heavens with the blackness of murky storm clouds, and I make sackcloth of mourning their covering. Why, when I came, was there no man? When I called, why was there no one to answer? Is My hand shortened at all that it cannot redeem? Or have I no power to deliver?” 

It was a city which had no visible means of support. This place was completely cut off from the rest of the world. Suddenly the Lord Jesus stopped in mid-air. He reached out His hand and lifted the heavy storm. I witnessed that the Lord actually took that murky storm and with one hand placed it over the very place we had fled from. Immediately I saw the heavy dark storm descending over that city. In a flash it vanished as if it was cut off from the rest of the world. It seemed as though the entire city had been wiped off the map.

Although the actual city with all of its inhabitants were still alive and existed, it was impenetrable. These people lived with no pleasure under adverse conditions. I also realized that this place became one of the lost cities. There was no explanation as to why it had mysteriously vanished. At that time the Lord Jesus said unto me that many such cities had vanished from the face of the earth. Jesus explained that these were the people who had chosen to be joined as one with the forces of the satanic kingdom. Soon we

arrived at our destination. I saw that the murky clouds had indeed been lifted. This was the city of Nineveh.

Without delay we flew toward the mountainside and rested. There were lots of chalets. Now by this time the citizens of Nineveh recognized the Lord Jesus while He was reaching out to the needy. Straightaway He perceived that the satanic princes had made contact with the city of Nineveh. There and then we departed and returned to the first place. I observed once more as the Lord Jesus reached forth His hand and removed the murky storm from that lost city. Afterward He returned to Nineveh and once again He placed the dark, heavy storm over the city of Nineveh. In a wink Nineveh vanished from the face of the earth.

Then we flew back to the first city. Jesus said that He had given them grace to see whether the inhabitants would repent and turn away from their unrighteousness. I lay pondering about these lost cities when Jesus came and spoke to me, for He knew my thoughts.

 Many places which had mysteriously vanished could come back into existence. Jesus also said that the Believers must intercede for places which are heading for the same destruction. These places would unnoticeably vanish. Jesus said that the Believers are to pray for the lost worlds. 

Looking once more I saw that these places were isolated. The inhabitants were going about their daily lives. These people looked very lost and without hope. For centuries they had lived in utter despair. They had tried so desperately to communicate with the rest of the world. These people could actually see the outside world but the world had declared them as lost worlds. Meanwhile Jesus said unto me that He was waiting for the Believers to intercede in prayer for these lost places. He said that these lost peoples had suffered for centuries and had been in isolation. He also said that these peoples would take more time to be restored. Believers are to reach out to them with the message from God’s heart. God is looking for a reason to help them and to draw them closer to Himself.

God’s great plan of REDEMPTION.

Believers were praying for what they could see but now the Lord Jesus Christ wants Believers to intercede for what cannot be seen.

Jesus wants to lift the murky stormy clouds from these lost worlds. I realized that the gloomy picture of lost cities had grown and developed into unimaginable lost worlds.

Millions are lacking knowledge of Satan’s devices.

[Revelation 2: 24] “…You have to explore and know the depth of Satan as they say…” 

Equip yourself with the knowledge of how Satan exercises influence and what his master plans are.

Jesus Christ is the Only Remedy.

He is The REMEDY – for the forgiveness of our ugly sins.

God Purposed that through (by the service, the intervention of) Jesus Christ all things should be completely Reconciled to Himself.

Although you are/were of hostile attitude of mind in your wicked activities through Jesus Christ, the Father made peace by means of the Blood of His Son.

This Script was received and

written in Spirit and

must be understood

in Spirit