Book 1: Preface

During my early childhood years, Brother Loie prophesied that, “Yolin is not a child for the world.” One day he prophesied for the second time, “This child will be a Believer.”

My mother told me that when I was a few months old, that I was all over her. Pointing my little finger to a photograph of the Lord Jesus; He was earnestly in prayer. The angel of Great Mercies strengthened the Lord while He travailed in prayer. Great drops of His Blood marred and impaired the perfection of Jesus. She had always said, “Yolin, Jesus will heal you” for I was a sickly baby. That day while she was very ill, I was pointing to Jesus.

[1Samuel 3] “… The Lamp of God had not yet gone out in the temple of the Lord, where the Ark of God was … When the Lord called, Samuel! And he answered, ‘Here I am’. And the Lord called Samuel the third time … Then Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the boy. And the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, Samuel! Samuel! 

Then Samuel answered, ‘Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.’ The Lord told Samuel, ‘Behold, I am about to do a thing in Israel at which both ears of all who hear it shall tingle …’” 

At the age of ten years, I heard a voice which said, “Go stand in the sun, then your mind will open…“ In my childlike faith I obeyed. Mom was all I had in my little world. As time passed by I began to dream and to see visions. Some were open visions; some were visions of the night and trances. But nevertheless she was always there for me standing in Jesus’ Name.

One midnight while she travailed in prayer I was taken into a vision. A hideous evil spirit would arise from its impious domain and would torment us at night. For this reason mom interceded for us. In the vision arising was an enormous genie. While she rebuked in Jesus’ Name the genie would slink back. Then with all force and suddenness it would pounce toward us. The authority grew more powerful, “In the Name of

J-e-s-u-s!!! In the Name of J-e-s-u-s!!!”

I was screaming, “It’s a genie! It’s a genie!” All at once the boisterous storm calmed and the thing faded into the impious regions. Now when a child faces untold true experiences, fear always steps in, she always kept me under her observation. As the years passed my eyes have seen many insights into mysteries and revelations. I had to learn to work together with her because of this type of warfare.


The evening 28th May 2004, mom spoke to me about Jesus Christ my Personal Savior. She wept and groaned, which had greatly moved me. Wells of tears pushed up inside of my inner most being. And in desperation I called out to Jesus. I had slyly been hooked by a spell of witchcraft placed into my blood, not imagining what a friend could achieve by giving me a gold cross. I was naïve and young when my whole world turned topsy–turvy. Having sudden demonic illness I became withdrawn groaning sore under the weight of Satan’s torments.

There were times that I would crumble and fall apart having constant dizzy spells and blackouts. For three years I walked around like a dead person bound by unseen fetters. I could not eat and became just skin and bone. Evil spirits which were placed into my blood built altars and temples. On numerous occasions I would collapse like a sack of driedup bones. Utter hopelessness overwhelmed me as the prince of all the impious took the advantage to deprive me. Later I found myself doing funny things. Horrid powers knotted me, a good for nothing and then Satan the prince of all evil was about to seal me for good. All of a sudden the Master reached out to me. I fell at His feet a complete nothingness. I wept inwardly expressing great agony. For who can resist the Lord or who does not subject himself to God. The King of Glory brought me into my former liberty. Jesus Christ, so Powerful and Glorious in Majesty. He is so pure and so bright like the sun.

That night an unusual fear mesmerized me. I had dozed off when all at once several evil spirits entered my bedroom. These fearsome looking things walked upright like guerillas in their appearance. It is hard to describe the hideous horde and their hatred for me. They were grunting and making awful sounds so terrible. My spirit body sat up, I was shaking with fear. Then an enormous demon grabbed my wrist with such force that it was impossible to escape. He flew with me into the heavenlies where I looked down and wondered why he had taken me so high. I knew Heaven was above but I could not know his motive until I realized that we headed for an entrance.

As we entered I noticed it was a very dark tunnel which spiraled all the way down. We descended through the tunnel at such a fast rate. Soon we were walking along a passageway. At least I could see some sort of light. Along this corridor hundreds or even more than I could ever imagine moved swiftly doing Satan’s bidding. These indescribable evil forms passed without noticing me. I did not know how he did it. While we walked along this head demon made breathing grunting frightful noises. It seemed as if I was invisible to these most terrible things.