Book 1: Filing Room in Hell

We stopped along the way and the demon said to me, “Watch!” He pushed open a door and I looked into a massive room. It seemed to stretch for miles – inside was another head demon that was in control of this section. I understood this to be the filing room. Shelves reached to the ceiling and every where I could see was shelves embedded into the walls. As we entered the filing demon took what looked like a black briefcase from one of the shelves. The other head demon who escorted me told me that my entire life’s history was kept in this suitcase.

He said that there was a suitcase for every person who had ever lived. Also their life’s history in detail was recorded on paper. My case was opened and I saw that it was so; then before he closed it a little monkey like demon was placed into the suitcase. The escorting demon explained that when a Believer fell the assigned demon was sent to that person. The assigned demon would make it so impossible for the backslider to repent. If he failed his mission a terrible punishment awaited; but if he succeeded in his mission then it was rewarded by Satan and so my briefcase was returned to the shelf. I was trembling so much, so much, the assigned demon had one short arm and the other was oh so long and it could s-t-r-e-t-c-h. This evil thing masqueraded as he said that he was meant for me. He was my personal demon. From that moment I became petrified.

Then I was led by the escorting demon half way back to my earthly home. I ascended through the ground and was back in my body. Such terrible fear ate holes into me; I was tailing my mother. Without the Lord Jesus’ protection I could have died from fright alone. The escorting demon had no power to hurt me; his mission was to make me understand what would happen to any Believer who fell. Although surrounded by indescribable hatred, it appeared I was protected by an unseen protection. I was in this fear for more than a year until one day singing almost impossible to describe approached my room. Amazed, I looked into the realm of the Spirit and beheld a host of Heavenly angels. They were clothed in pure white and shone like the sun. These Heavenly Beings hummed with sweet and incessant voices. As these Holy angels from Almighty God entered my room every shackle of fear disintegrated.

[Matthew 4:6] “… He shall give His angels charge concerning thee…”

For months I could not sleep and as time passed I became exhausted collapsing under continuous demonic attacks. Suffering severe blackouts at school, I reached a point of utter despair. I lived a desperate life.

[Acts 2: 16 – 21] “… And it shall come to pass in the last days, God declares, that I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy telling forth the Divine counsels and your young men shall see visions, Divinely granted appearances, and your old men shall dream Divinely suggested dreams …in those days I will pour out of My Spirit, and they shall prophesy telling forth the Divine counsels and predicting future events pertaining especially to God’s Kingdom.” 

In one night vision I was climbing a flight of stairs which led to Heaven. Standing before a huge Mansion my attention was upon a Holy Man of Almighty God. Instantly I knew that he was John so I fell at his feet. Tears were streaming down my checks as he spoke, “Go back to earth for your life is not yet complete.” After John handed me an ancient looking scroll, I turned toward earth. My desire was to be with him but then he disappeared. I turned toward earth with the brownish scroll in my hands.

With each step I carefully descended. It was clear that deep darkness had already overshadowed the whole earth. I felt deeply in my spirit that Almighty God had convicted me that He had already provided Divine help. The Holy Spirit revealed that I had been handed the Scroll by John who had written the Book of Revelation.

[Psalm 25: 14] “…He will show them His Covenant and reveal to them its deep, inner meaning.” 

Yet in another vision upon my bed a certain sister handed a key to me. She advised me to guard it with all my life. With this Key I would have direct encounters with the Lord Jesus. I also understood that I could use it at any time to enter into His Presence. All of a sudden a dull black hooded man appeared with great indignation. It was Satan; he tried very hard to steal away my Key.

The evening of the 4th July 2005, we travailed in earnest prayer. While mom was interceding Jesus said, “Pray with your mom.”

It’s the 10th September 2005, in the vision of the night the old devil came to me in astral projection form. While trying to escape, I tripped and fell. As Satan sliced me open he fled with my baby I felt the excruciating pain. Mom assured me that I would get my baby back. Awaking from this Spirit dream, I saw that Satan had entered a roommate. Kneeling in bitter grief and pointing to a portrait of Jesus Christ I boldly told the old devil that he was a nothing. He was the old thief and father of all lies. Just then his natural form unfolded I found myself staring into deep, deep black holes. All the impious powers turned in circles. Satan turned and walked away; I was on my knees sobbing as my form shook.

During the month of September the Lord Jesus allowed me to see into the spirit realm. There appeared a broom and a spade, coming forth were images of blobs of flesh. Studying this carefully, each blob joined together. Then a frightful ugly goblin appeared.

For six years I groaned under the weight of Satan’s torments. During deliverance mom counseled me. Witchcraft placed into my blood came out at the bottom and through my mouth.

The Lord revealed to me in many different visions of the night, spiritual warfare activities as they are presently occurring.

Now to grasp many of my visions please read all Rebecca Brown’s books. Many questions were instantly answered. Satan failed in much warfare he once maneuvered powerfully.

One day while attending a Believer’s youth camp I met a friend. In a vision of the night upon my bed the Lord Jesus gave me a warning. It was shown to me that this person would give me a gift. On the box was inscribed a voodoo doll. Suddenly deep blackness surrounded us causing me to become very ill. Mom had to destroy the gift completely.

That same day of the 3rd October 2006 my friend knocked at the door. On giving me a present, I thought about my vision. Mom reminded me, “Be careful the Lord had forewarned.” An unseen power coming from the gift nagged and nagged in my mind and secretly I was so tempted to fit the earrings.

Wham! So loud was the noise coming from a voodoo spirit? Immediately I was looking into the eyeballs; into a face very much in appearance to a hamster. I was spell bound and hypnotized, totally entranced and overpowered. Gazing into the voodoo doll I heard a gentle soft voice. It was the Lord Jesus who rebuked, “You voodoo demon,” all at once the demon fled. I recovered control of my mind as Jesus’ rebuke broke the voodoo spell. These evil forces returned so mom and I endured great battles, until one day my friend never returned.

[Hebrews 10: 11] “But be ever mindful of the days gone by in which, after you were first spiritually enlightened, you endured a great and painful struggle.” 

I have had many visions in which the Lord Jesus allowed me to see the outcome of this person’s life.

Mom and I then covenanted our lives with the Father. Immediately He answered through His Son with Psalm 23.

During October 2005 I was in prayer “Lord! Is there anything I have to repent of?”

Shortly, I was lying on my bed when I drifted away into a vision. Many Satanists were also attending the same Secondary School. There was a certain young Satanist who tripped and fell in front of me. It shocked her when I extended my hand to help her. Shrinking back in great fear at what she saw, she uttered, “I want that angel I see in you. Everyone on earth is special to the Lord. Jesus has made an angel for every person on earth. It does not matter what anyone has to say, Jesus loves you and that makes you very special” she said.

[Psalm 18: 28] “For You cause my Lamp to be lighted and to shine; the Lord my God illumines my darkness.” 

I, Yolin was shown that heavenly angel. His face shone like the sun and he wore a long white garment which radiated. Now this young Satanist was shown this and it touched her very deeply that she wept bitterly as she left.

This vision lifted as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Something happened in my life after accepting Jesus.

During February 2006 a vision illustrating a five pointed star within a circle appeared before me.

In another vision was the illustration of a witch wearing a long black hooded robe flying on a broom.

Jesus spoke into my heart, “Why must you worry about your physical body, leave it in My Father’s care!” His Words urged me to pray for I was just skin and bone. The conviction surged through me to accept the

Father’s Covenant.

During baptism on 11th December 2005 the Light of God moved over the water; I came forth a brand new creation.

[Matthew 3: 16] “And when Jesus was baptised  He went up at once out of the water; and behold, the heavens were opened and he (John) saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on Him.”