Book 1: Letter

The 28th day of March 2006, I had made a covenant with the Almighty God that I would give my daughter for His sole purpose in every area of her life. I asked Him to fill her with His Holy Spirit and to empower her to keep this Covenant. I asked Jesus Christ for a personal experience of Himself in her life that she may evermore abide in Him. I thanked Him for bringing this about under His grace.

Eight months later on the 6th November 2006, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to her in Person and personally covenanted to teach her.

I respect His Words concerning Yolin that she belongs to Him and not to anyone. Jesus also said unto her that He would leave what He was attending, to come to her whenever she cried out to Him. It does not matter how small or how big the concern may appear that He would settle every matter for her.

Yolin is my only God given daughter; she has my full support in her End -Time Ministry for the Master.

God’s richest blessing upon her future and upon this Script which you will read in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. These Scripts were written the way it was revealed by Jesus through His Holy Spirit. The following has to be understood in Spirit and through the Holy Spirit.

Cindy Maree Birch