Blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT–The Unforgivable Sin – Susan Davis


Susan Davis

2 July 2018

Blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT–The Unforgivable Sin

I experienced the worst satanic attack one time—I believed (wrongly) that I had committed the unforgivable sin of blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT at one point in my life and that I was forever doomed.

I was carrying this burden for a few weeks—I was sick and beside myself with the lowest grief I have ever experienced.

I tried to read books about the HOLY SPIRIT to console myself—but really never felt completely assured.

Then my son and I went to a ministry festival for a weekend in the summer at Olivet University.

One Saturday many people for this festival were gathered for a chapel service with an Australian minister who gave a spirit-filled message—

in the middle of this service—the man stopped cold and looked out in the audience and said he had a message for someone here who believes they committed the unforgivable sin—

he proceeded to say that if that had happened that you would not be at this festival—then he proceeded with his message as if nothing had happened.

I was dumbfounded—and I wondered it that message was for me—but I claimed it.

Blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT is considered to be an unforgivable sin, because it is the HOLY SPIRIT WHO draws you to CHRIST’s Salvation…

and if people continue to reject and blaspheme the drawing of HOLY SPIRIT to the only hope they have, their sin will be unforgivable without the Blood of CHRIST to cover it.

People need to be careful when rejecting GOD’s advances to them, because you never know when the HOLY SPIRIT will quit calling someone.