Book 10: Delivered to Satan to be disciplined


I refer to Book 7 in which Michael Bailey, together with his wife, acted as ushers to the kings of Hell. We had suffered mercilessly at their hands. Since then, we had fought battle after battle – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for two solid years, not knowing the source.

It is the 1st December 2014; my mother received a telephone call, “Are you still interested in continuing the case made against them?” asked the police officer.

“I am not continuing with the case,” replied mom.

“Well then, I will come around at 2pm with documents you can sign to withdraw the case,” answered the police officer.

Immediately, the gift of discernment began to operate as terrible darkness swept through.

I approached mom and reasoned with her as to why she had withdrawn the case.

“Yolin,” she explained in detail, “The Holy Spirit placed very deep into my spirit to withdraw the case.”

Just then, the police officers arrived and settled the matter with mom and left almost immediately. Deep, loud growls grew more vicious as they came from behind the famous fridge. “You see Yolin,” mom concentrated on what was manifesting, “Can you understand why the Holy Spirit led me to withdraw the case?

These Satanists had given this case over to the kings of hell who for two years went about in diabolical preparation. Not only were the kings of Hell assigned to this case, but the most terrible curses were also activated.

This is what the Holy Spirit showed me in a split second when the police officer telephoned asking me whether I would continue or whether I would withdraw this case.”

Then she lifted her hand toward the diabolical assigned to the case, “Kings of Hell assigned to be outright merciless to this case, you are no longer needed. All your well plotted and cruel schemes, I revert to Michael and his wife a thousand fold. I send every king of Hell and also the masses of hordes back to Michael and his wife.

Do to them what had been meant for me a thousand fold more and never come back. I revert all curses back to the sender along with every horde of Hell that was assigned to destroy me, in Jesus’ Name, in the Name of Yahushua HaMashiach; in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I close and seal this case forever never to be activated, with the Full Power of the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.”

“Thank you Lord”; there was an immediate response; mom and I soared very high. We actually felt a heavy load lifted from us in the spirit realm. It felt so good!

That day, mom told me that every king in Hell was present together with Hell’s best offered backups and more. They were present to witness whether she was going to withdraw the case or not.


Thank you most High and Holy Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the Gifts of Discernment and Faith.

[1 Timothy 1: 20] “Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have DELIVERED TO SATAN in order that they may be disciplined by punishment and learn not to blaspheme.”