Book 10: Demons in Human Forms released

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It is the 26th of December 2014; mom and I were severely attacked especially when we were in deep slumber. The spiritual violence continued until I told her that I had just opened my eyes after being violently attacked.

I was taken into an open Spirit vision and saw a black cloak of a Satanist who stood behind me. I was sick as an excruciating burning pain entered my back piecing through my chest. Mom anointed my back and commanded all poisonous darts to be drawn out.

Deep growling continued day and night, a 24 hour, seven day a week, tormenting, ripping force driving me to run amok.

Once again, we fought a losing battle, especially at our most vulnerable moments.

That night when we gathered, I explained to her that an African lady joined the prayer group I belonged to. I had discovered that she made friends with most Christian Ministries. After six months, the Lord gave me a revelation that Pinkie was a Satanist. She had used much demonic violence.

Each morning we opened our eyes feeling worse than rotten; our limbs and joints seemed dislocated. Not only were our physical bodies covered with an excruciating burning pain, but also our beds. We had gone into much fasting for answers, but no amount of rebuking helped.

“So demon, you are Pinkie in demon form and in human form,” mom pointed to our growling fridge. “Your protection cover has been removed. For too long have you maneuvered unhindered.”

Mom had earnestly prayed, “Lord, remove the protection cover of this demon.”

After activating Facebook, I commanded Pinkie to return through the door she operated through.

Together, mom and I stood before our fridge in agreement, “Pinkie, it is written that if two agree upon one thing on the earth it shall be so. We declare and decree all curses, spells, growling chanting, plots, plans and all your assignments null and void. It will never come to pass; it will never materialize.”

“In the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Yahushua, I release the Word – ‘and He had created for Him Deadly Weapons’. Father, in Yahushua’s Name, release, release, release destroying, blazing Lightning to human and demon Pinkie. Destroy, destroy, destroy with a tsunami of blazing Lightning into her coven.”

“Demon Pinkie, I command you to return to human Pinkie, and never return in Jesus’ Name, in Yahushua’s Name. Father, we petition that should any venture to come near this dwelling, that fierce, blazing lightning strike so that they will know that only You are God Almighty. For Your Glory and Honor, in Jesus’ Name, in Yahushua’s Name.”

The demon growling faded as Pinkie demon fled.

It is the last day of December 2014; mom had just about dozed off when in an instant, severe, burning, ripping pain caused her to call upon Father. Thumping and jumping sounded on our roof as she rolled from side to side. Oh, what a hard night; overly exhausted, the impairment of her nervous system felt bad. I told her that both faced this type of violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mom called it ‘demonic parasite’.

Deep growling continued day and night non-stop; finally, I was taken into a Spirit dream.

Many met the teacher who remarked that the local school had been built up. Upon entering the school grounds, spirit darkness hung heavily. We were shown many, many garages and asked her why these had been built.

The teacher lifted the garage doors; automatically they rolled up. To our amazement, they were filled with suitcases. These were very huge; each contained about seven human bodies.

Such frightful terribleness poured forth from these cases. I also knew that these were demons in human forms.

demon in human form

They were motionless, waiting to be released. They were not asleep, but their eyes barely blinked, just waiting, waiting. Their terrorizing and frightful presence alone said it all!

Worse and most powerful were these demons in human forms, than the demons in demon forms.

The teacher explained that everyone who attended this school had one of these humans attached to their file.

The overwhelming intensity of evil soared high as our abode was filled with the most disgusting, foul stench; mom began rebuking, “Blinding Power of the True Holy Spirit… Blinding Power of the True Holy Spirit, manifest the Glory of the Father. Blinding Power of the Holy Spirit… Full Power of the True Holy Spirit… a trillion times a trillion percent full blast…”

This only sparked off a response from the Father which took her into Spirit prayer. As she sobbed, the grunting and growling faded away.

“Father, I request the Armour of Light; for God wraps Himself in Light. Wrap me in the Fullness of Your Light – God’s Armour of Light… In Jesus’ Name… In Yahushua’s Name…”

“Release a flood of the Water of Life and quench the ball of evil fire in my chest…”

As she confessed Love for the Father, He responded.

[Romans 13: 12] 

“…Let us then drop the works and deeds of darkness and PUT ON THE FULL ARMOUR OF LIGHT.” 

[Romans 13: 14] “But clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ…” 

She continued praying Romans Chapter 13 verses 12 and 14.

Reader, you may find it hard to accept, but there was a great outpouring from Father.

Anyway, the growling grew severe and more intense insomuch that we remained under a paralyzing force. No amount of rebuking helped; we ran out of answers until the third day into the New Year 2015.

The Lord brought back to me this very portion of the Script in Book 9 pages 10 and 11:

“A couple of days later, the Lord Jesus once again showed me that I accompanied certain Believers. We were entering a Christian School for enrolment and started searching the place. 

Around the school, we ascended to the first level where we met an African man. The passageway was filled with the most gruesome scene. There were pieces of human flesh and blood everywhere. This tour guide stood in the center of everything and welcomed the Believers. 

He said, “To be accepted into this Christian school you have to go through an initiation.” Further, he told us to jump on the pieces of human flesh and blood. He also stated this was his culture which was rooted and knitted into different religions. 

So I understood why the African peoples were Christians or Muslims or Hindus etc. and why they also participated in their own cultural beliefs. I also understood that these people brought their culture into the Church. These peoples considered that mixing their culture with life itself was not wrong. The secret of this mystery was brought to light. 

Out of a clear blue sky, His Voice descended like a Dove and told me, “That is not culture or religion, it is occult. You are in an occult school for witches and warlocks, for Satanists and for such type of teachings.” I thought that it was as the name stated – “Christian School.” 

Then His soft Voice spoke again, “This is actually an occult school and not a Christian school. So that the people will not be aware of it! By the end of their schooling these innocent people are graduated as Satanists or Occultists.” 

After the Revelation was fully shown to me, His Voice stopped and the white Dove disappeared. So together we jumped for an hour, chanting words I cannot recall. After an hour, he stopped us and remarked, “It is done.” 

Immediately after the initiation, an indescribable dark force covered us. I had always wondered why African people always had a certain type of darkness shielding them. In the Spirit vision, my mind opened to understand its secret or mystery, why the initiation? 

Thereafter, the African guide led us to begin our first class; I became terribly sick, almost unto death. 

Then His Voice came again, “Plead the Name of Jesus…” Immediately, I pleaded the Name of Jesus; how long for I do not know! 

Suddenly, the darkness fled and the deathly sickness left. The indescribable darkness over the Believers broke. Yet I kept on pleading the Name of Jesus when instantly, the guide grabbed his forehead. His neck bent backward as his screams filled the air and the entire school. 

The Name of Jesus caused severe pains so that his physical body took on the form of the demon spirit he had dedicated himself to. I actually witnessed that it was not the ‘guide’ any longer, but his personal demon [the exact image in the illustration] which stood screeching clutching its head.” 

The Lord revealed to me that this person I had met on Facebook from Liberia in one of the African states, was an occultist pretending to be a Believer. Then I remembered in one Spirit dream that I had received a message; someone had hacked into Facebook in November. 

I, together with five others (I believe from the Ministry) were to be sacrificed. Then I saw five upside down crosses; on it was five of its members. 

Mitchell's Plain-20121207-00809

Growling behind our fridge was this person in his demon form, exercising great diabolical powers, but on Facebook he was seen in his human form.

We stood before the fridge rebuking, when my Spirit ear opened. “Mom, I hear the screeching of a pig.”

“So true, so true”, she admitted; the Lord had responded when we had run out of answers.

Mom told me to take the sim card out of the old cellphone. Amazingly, the growling weakened and became powerless. Then she flushed the sim card down the toilet and said, “Never return in Jesus’ Name.”

But that was not all, the unbearable, paralyzing growling returned once again. The warfare intensified the more so that mom and I were sick most of the time. I said to her that it was a demonic paralyzing sickness. No amount of rebuking helped!

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the above demon was not only attached to my cellphone sim card, but also to my Facebook name. I had linked my old cellphone number to the new number and so it was linked to my Facebook. The minute my Facebook name was changed, the demonic growling behind our fridge stopped.

I told her that my old cellphone number which was also linked to my Facebook, had to be deleted as well.

Reader, this is a hard thing to believe, but the minute my old cellphone number was unlinked and deleted the intenseness faded and so did the demon growling.

Leviticus 17: 7 “ So they shall no more offer their sacrifices to goatlike gods or demons or field spirits after which they have played the harlot. This shall be a statute forever to them throughout their generations.” 

One Sunday morning, suddenly, deep growling began paralyzing us; mom raised her hands to where it was coming from. 

She called the demon human on its name and said, “I stand on the Law of the Spirit of Life which in in Jesus Christ. Now, Henry and Maclean, together with (so and so); you that come against me by the Law of Sin and Death; I command that you be cast into the driest, hottest part of the dry and barren places. 

Roast, roast, roast and bleed, bleed, bleed until you crack up in the most terrible torment. In the Name of Jesus… In the Name of Yahushua… In the Name of Yeshua…You hold no power over me for the Law of the Spirit of Life has set me free from the Law of Sin and Death. 

No weapon formed against me will prosper but the weapon I stand on is the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus… 

Every open door, I close and seal and reinforce with the Blood of Jesus. Never come back you demons in human bodies.” 

Immediately, there was a sure response, so the Peace of the Lord swept through. Hallelujah, all Glory and Honor unto the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Hours later, the growling started up again while we sat at lunch so mom said, “Demon human I am not finish with you yet.’

I agreed as she raised her hand towards the growling, “Through the Law of the Spirit of Life, I decree and declare that Henry and Maclean, together with (so and so), be made normal demons.

All your paralyzing powers are taken away from you. You are normal, powerless demons. Because the Law of Sin and Death does not reign over God the Father, over God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name, I speak madness over all of you, that you tear and bleed and torment each other; never return. I close and seal all open doors you once operated through. I reinforce it with the Power of the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.”

Reader, there was immediate result!

On the morning of the 14th January 2015, the fierceness of demon growling took mom into prayers.

“Lord, Your Word speaks for me – ‘Because you have made the Lord your Refuge, and the Most High your Dwelling place. There shall no evil befall you, nor any plague or calamity come near your tent.’

I declare Your Word, I decree Your Word TRUTH.”

Her continual, persistent confession of the TRUTH of the Lord’s Word caused the stubborn persistent evil to flee.

Warfare intensified to the fullest that night; I had only slept an hour when our baby rabbits went into a demonic, violent rage. It appeared as though something was looking through the eyes of one of rabbits. We separated each one and settled in for the night.

The following morning, we could not understand why half of our fridge, our cupboard in the kitchen, everywhere in the bathroom and a bit in my bedroom, had blood stains smeared everywhere.

Mom referred me to the five upside-down crosses on which the members of Christ End Time Ministries were to be the sacrifice. “Well, they had failed in their attempt”, she said. “Our rabbits were to be sacrificed instead! In our house! This would have been a terrible thing”, she admitted. “It would have opened an unbearable doorway for Medusa.”

She had reached up in Africa where our booklets had reached and entered into two of the most powerful witchdoctors.

Yes, my spirit convicted me to Book 8 page 33 which reads:

“In this crucial moment, I was taken into yet another Spirit vision where warfare with Medusa intensified greatly. I realized that we were, at this moment, not in intense warfare with my relative, but with one of Hell’s best offered. There are no words to actually tell you the terribleness this warfare reached insomuch that we fled to Uganda to do missionary work, hoping that during this period the intensity would subside. 

On arrival, we discovered the many different tribes, so each day, we evangelized to a different tribe. This was our missionary plan set up. On our very first day that we approached one of the many tribes, we noticed that they were wearing their tribal outfit. 

These were about their tribal rituals led by two most powerful witchdoctors. That day, we came face to face with what unraveled into a nightmare. We discovered that while aboard the flight, Medusa had been sent by this relative to Uganda to destroy our evangelizing plan; so this unfolded into intense warfare before we could begin our missionary work. 

The witchdoctors swung their rods outrageously, chanting violently. They poured terrible curses over us so that we fled for our lives. In this most awful situation, we ran on foot back to South Africa. We reached her brother’s place completely bewildered and out of breath. 

He was shocked to see the state in which we came to him. Her brother was very happy to have us, but mom insisted that the Lord had sent us to the poorest of the poor. Mom explained that we were chosen by the Lord to live in Mitchell’s Plain. 

“It was not our choice but the Lord’s so we have to return,” she explained. “You have to understand that although there are many others, the Lord chose us to engage in such intense warfare.” 

Well praise the Lord, that morning, I removed one of the rabbits that the Lord had revealed in an open vision to mom. She had turned to see a dark form next to it. On returning home, I found a peaceful atmosphere until deep growling manifested once again.

Together, we lifted our hands in sharp rebuke, “We release thunderbolts of Holy Blazing Fire mixed with lightning! Destroy, destroy and melt every leviathan on Medusa’s head. Strike a trillion percent full blast and split open her leviathans. Disintegrate and melt all her powers completely. In Jesus’ Name… In Yahushua’s Name…”

Reader, there was an immediate response insomuch that Medusa fled so we had peace that day. Praise the Lord.

[Deuteronomy 7: 21] “You shall not dread them, for the Lord your God is among you, a Mighty and Terrible God.” 

[Deuteronomy 4: 22] “You shall not fear them, for the Lord your God shall fight for you” 

[Deuteronomy 4: 24] “O Lord God, You have only begun to show Your servant Your Greatness and Your Mighty Hand; for what god is there in heaven or on earth that can do according to Your works and according to Your Might?”