Book 10: Holy Spirit Fire Power


For some days now, we were being heavily attacked by some unknown and unwelcomed visitor. The stench that entered my mother’s study room was unbearable, plus deep growls that come from behind the fridge. We started rebuking, but once again to no avail. The situation got so bad that I heard my mother rebuking, “Fire Power of Ruach HaKodesh destroy… destroy… destroy…, burn… burn… burn…, in the Name of Yahushua…, in the Name of Yeshua…”

“Fire Power… Fire Power…, Fire… Fire… Fire… of Ruach HaKodesh utterly destroy the presence of all evil… Fire Power of Ruach HaKodesh in the Name of Yeshua… in the Name of Yahushua…” “Whatever it was this time, Yolin, it has fled!” she remarked. The following morning, we awoke under a heavy, burning, painful night only to face the unknown again. Deep growls released a paralyzing atmosphere; so while mom persevered in intense prayer, it fled. Shortly after her prayer, she faced deeper growls coming from behind the fridge. Reader, the fridge was actually growling at her. After singing for some time, “There is Wonderworking Power in the Blood of the Lamb… There is Power, Power, Wonderworking Power in the Precious Blood of the Lamb…”, she got up and once again rebuked, “I release the Fire Power of Ruach HaKodesh… Fire Power burn… Fire Power destroy… Fire Power of Ruach HaKodesh destroy… destroy… destroy…, in the Name of Yahushua…” Whatever it was, fled!

[Luke 12: 49 – 50] “I have come to cast Fire upon the earth, and how I wish that it were already kindled! I have a Baptism, and how greatly and sorely I am urged on until it is accomplished!”