Book 10: Intense Training

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It is the 11th November 2014; I approached my mother and told her that I was back at school. Me and two others were under intense training. Looking up to the thick, ugly, dark which was already in motion, I told them, “The Lord is holding back the three days of darkness until we successfully complete schooling.”

Once again, deep growls, together with a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sound came from behind the fridge, while my mother was in prayer. “Fire Power of Yahushua HaMashiach… Fire Power of Yahushua HaMashiach…, mix… mix… with the Fire Power of Ruach HaKodesh…”

As she released, “Destroy, destroy, destroy, Fire Power… Fire Power… destroy, destroy. Fire… Fire… Fire… destroy, destroy, destroy.”

In less than a wink, a sharp piercing sound like a whistle, came forth and disappeared.

On the night of the 21st November, deep growls persisted, even though we rebuked, but as mom sat at her desk, she lifted up her hands, “Fire of the Holy Spirit… Electricity of the Holy Spirit… Fire of the Holy Spirit… Electricity of the Holy Spirit… destroy, destroy, destroy… in the Name of Yahushua, in the Name of Yeshua, in the Name of Jesus…”

Immediately, the growling stopped and the mouse which entered my room no longer existed.

Overly exhausted and extremely weary, my mother and I had fought a long and hard battle for weeks. I had lost appetite, my sleep had also left me.

In this most terribleness, I remained in earnest prayer of repentance.

Then the Holy Lord Jesus brought to my attention, two Spirit visions in which He had warned me in Book 5 page 21 and Book 7 page 30. Only then did I understand these visions.

Vision One: 

The following night, while mom was busy compiling this Script, I was taken into another Spirit vision. I saw my mother coming to tell me that she had a revelation in which she was shown in a Spirit dream, that a certain person had taken me to a witchdoctor. I was then placed into a burning five point star within a circle, while rituals were performed over me.


Four Voodoo demons went berserk as they were released into the circle. As I slept innocently, without any knowledge of what was unfolding in this circle, evil moved thick and heavy. Mom told me that she knew the way I always slept, but when she saw in which position my body was lying in the vision, she knew that I had been placed into an occult circle.

I opened my eyes calling out to her for help as she sat up during the wee hours of the 28th December 2012. It was about three in the morning when she began anointing me with oil. Each Voodoo demon was cast out as she prayed.

Vision Two: 

The night before, I was once more in another intense situation in which a witchdoctor was in the process of forcing me to marry. I wondered as to how suddenly, I was wearing a wedding dress, but then I realized that she had used spells to accomplish it.

I was placed amidst a large group of these witchdoctors. Before me stood the man I was being forced to marry. I opened my eyes, hearing their threats, but refused to accept such a marriage.

One morning, I told her that I awoke from a Spirit dream in which she prayed a repentance prayer for me. Immediately, we followed the instructions as they were shown to me.

Each morning, I awoke with my entire inside being ripped and torn to shreds, along with my physical body being badly battered and bruised. These agonizing visions manifested week after week; I was in deep torment.

This morning, the 25th November 2014, she told me her experience which happened during the wee hours. “I must have dozed off when an indescribable darkness entered my room. Immediately, I was spellbound and paralyzed only by the presence of such intensity of evil. Its presence alone had paralyzed me.

At this opportunity, it violently assaulted me, insomuch that I saw my spirit body standing up. The only Truth that could bring this about was my spirit repeating, ‘The Power of the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus Christ… The Power of the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus Christ…’ The shackles seemed to disintegrate,” mom explained.

Whatever took place in the spirit realm had shockingly affected her physical body. Shattering burning pains like an electric current not only covered her entire physical form, but also her entire bed.

Mom anointed herself with olive oil, “I release the full Healing Power of the Blood Sacrifice of Jesus Christ… a trillion percent full blast. Destroy… destroy… destroy…” She had persevered earnestly in this fervent Prayer and long afterwards dozed off.

“Who would believe this extremely hard-to-describe indestructible; although I feel worse than just rotten,” she thought.

I had received a message from a Believer on WhatsApp; I had never told her that I was asking the Lord what call He had placed upon my life. This is what she related to me.

“In a dream last night, I saw that the Holy Spirit carried you away while you were busy prophesying! Immediately, I too was taken by the Holy Spirit in such a manner, that what your spirit was prophesying, the Holy Spirit took my body to Spirit dance the prophecy out.”

The next day, I approached my mother and shared with her what this Believer had dreamt. Then without telling her that I had prayed asking the Lord what call He had placed upon me, I asked whether she knew the meaning of this dream.

She firmly answered, “Yolin, this is the answer to the ‘Call’ upon your life, to prophesy (You are a Cup bearer).”

In the following Spirit dream, I was back at school.