Book 10: Medusa

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That day, a friend WhatsApp’d me; we had gone to the same school. Now after nine years, she contacted me and told me that she had gone to her local clinic. She said that something was injected into her hand to prevent her from falling pregnant.

Immediately, the abominable attached to the RFID chip manifested. “Many people who had accepted it had gone back to the clinic only to be told that their insides had rotted. Many are very sick,” I explained.

“I did not know it’s the RFID chip, but it was my choice,” she said.

Deep growling came from behind our fridge, so we gathered and rebuked the demon associated with the RFID chip. Every curse attached to this sin that flooded through WhatsApp was broken.

“So this RFID chip not only brings judgment and curses but is controlled by demons,” mom said.

RFID chips

No amount of rebuking helped; especially around three to four during the wee hours of each morning. “Yolin, we need to understand just what was assigned to attack us!” she said.

It was past four o’clock on the morning of the 29th October; after she prayed for me and Popseye my dwarf hamster, pleading the Blood of Yahushua had brought calmness; so it settled in for the night. Just after she left, a heavy spell hit me like a sledgehammer.

Totally paralyzed, unable to move although I was wide awake, I looked into the spirit realm. My entire bed was covered with transparent snakes. Immediately, my spirit knew that Medusa had been assigned.

She was to spiritually assault us by casting a very heavy spell upon us. We would be left battered and bruised before she decided to leave. Once under her paralyzing spell, we fought a losing battle.

In the open vision, I actually saw my spirit getting up from my bed; the battle between two spirits began. With both my hands, I gripped as many snakes as I could with all my might.

Instead of using the Blood of Jesus, my spirit began releasing Yeshua.

“Yeshua… Yeshua… Yeshua… Yeshua…”


After releasing the Power of Yeshua into the, Blazing Holy Fire burned them. I watched as Medusa, together with all her snakes, fled in less than a wink.

The following night, mom fought Medusa, but to no avail; before she retired to bed, the Holy Spirit prompted into her spirit. “There is Power, Power, wonder working Power in the Blood of Lamb. There is Power, Power, wonder working Power in the Precious Blood of the Lamb,” as she sang Medusa fled and never returned.

So she kept singing until she drifted into a deep sleep.

Once again, I was shown that my mother and I were on a very long journey; how long I do not know!

In a different Spirit vision I was shown that we were still in the Wilderness.