Book 10: Receiving RFID Chip ignorantly

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I opened my eyes in grief, weeping from another Spirit vision of the morning of the 4th November 2014. I had been with two people to whom I had been sending booklets of Encounters with the Holy Lord Jesus.

Shocked, I fell on my knees and prayed, weeping bitterly that both had received the RFID Chip unenlightened. “Lord, these people had no knowledge that the RFID Chip is the Mark of the Beast. They are kept in the dark and are being told only the BENEFITS of taking it. These people are naïve and are totally unaware of it. Lord, I am pleading on their behalf, for an extension of Your Grace…”

I do not know how long my spirit pleaded before the Lord, but while looking towards Heaven, the Holy Spirit came down upon me in the form of a White Dove. As Ruach HaKodesh hovered over me, I was soaked as an Anointing of Divine Water covered me. The Dove disappeared; then my spirit understood the Divine Message that these people would be given Grace.

These people should have the RFID Chip removed and accept Him as their Personal Savior.

RFID chips

To my amazement, a hand appeared, while the other hand lifted the Chip so that I could clearly absorb the entire crux of this most difficult matter.

I opened my eyes, terribly shaken and overwhelmed.