Book 10: The Bridegroom


In a Spirit vision of the morning of the 1st of December 2014, I was arrayed in a pure white wedding gown. Because of the delay of the Bridegroom, my cousins and I wandered off. Unexpectedly, the wedding bells rang out loud and clear.

I knew that the Bridegroom had arrived; as fast as my legs could carry me, I made my way swiftly towards the stage. The Groom was singing the most beautiful song, ushering in the biggest moment of my life. Within moments, I fell at his feet sobbing, as my entire form shook; I had just made it!

This thought alone brought great uncontrollable sobs welling up from deep within.

As he sang, a mighty anointing literally rained down.

This was the first time that I got to see the Bridegroom; at that moment he stopped singing. I felt him take my hands and raise me. Oh, what a most Powerful Union that I am not able to describe, was infused.

All that really mattered was that I had made it, I had made it, I had made it; the wedding bells rang out loud and clear, I had made it, I had made it. The Bridegroom began wiping away my tears of overwhelming joy.