Book 10: The Gathering and the Rapture Song

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On the morning of the 22nd October, I approached my mother and told her that I had been at the Gaither Camp Revival meeting. Looking around, I saw every singer who had been on their videos. Beside the Gaithers, I also saw Jimmy Swaggart; together we sang the Rapture Song. “We are all going to be raptured… We are all going to be raptured…” with all sincerity and great earnestness.

The Holy Spirit had beforehand led each singer to the Gathering where we were to unite in the Rapture Song and so be raptured. Each one’s deep heartfelt brought about breakthroughs. Divine manifestation brought most beautiful voices harmonizing. “We are all going to be raptured… We are all going to be raptured…”

Great expectancy waved the air, calling the Imminent Coming of The Lord’s response. I understood “Come Lord Jesus, Come! Come and take Your Bride Away.”

The Divine Call not only drew the Holy Lord Jesus, but also Satan. He responded, appearing with a streak of lightning in his hand. Satan intended to destroy the saints while they were waiting for the Rapture.


This was the very image I saw when everyone fled for cover. Because there was no hiding for me, I knew that I had to face him. I also saw that no one stood with me; all forsook me in the urgency of the moment.

Satan knew that I fought spiritual warfare bravely. As we stood facing one another, he fled. My spirit also knew that I was the only one fully equipped for spiritual battle.

The Remnant gathered once more; their incessant, most beautiful voices blended in the Rapture Song, “We are all going to be raptured…” I also understood that the Holy Spirit brought about this Gathering and so we were to be raptured.

The same morning, my mother had a Spirit dream in which Brother Michael plus other Believers were preparing themselves to attend Service. I saw her approaching him and said, “We have just come from school.” She looked around and saw that others were using our rooms to dress. Mom and I were the only ones in school uniforms.