Book 11: Entering a Different Type of Class

On the morning of the 30th January, I was once again taken into another Spirit Revelation and was shown that the year had ended. I had climbed the stairway to the first level and had entered the present classroom. There were so few who arrived, although I knew that at the start of that year so many had filled the class.

Presently, only five or six actually made it through the entire course.

It was the last day for that type of class; with great expectation, we waited to receive our reports. Furthermore, we also knew that to complete Level One, two more different types of classes awaited us.

The following morning, I approached my mother and told her that I had been shown, in a Spirit dream, a demon dog in all its madness. Spittle dripped from its fangs in vehemence, and frothing, it was about to viciously attack me.

While I was taken into this revelation, mom explained that the abysmal had manifested behind the fridge.

Brother Michael (the pastor), together with mom and I, had to face the unknown as it viciously manifested. We so well knew that the leader of old had opened how many doors, unknown to us. Whatever he had brought upon the Believers was persistent, continual, wrestling, combative warfare.

We understood only that the Holy Father God Almighty had strengthened certain levels in our walk with Him. Without our Mighty and Merciful Teacher, we could never have understood this type of mind-warping and mind-boggling class we had entered. Only through daily sincere repentance fasting and prayer in unity were we able to understand this type of class.

I had been shown in many different Spirit dreams, mind-warping and mind-boggling revelations concerning demon, demon and human, and human until I collapsed, utterly sick for weeks.

That morning, I was once again at school which had chalets. As I looked back, my mind boggled; a tsunami as high as the sky roared and crashed down onto the school. It gobbled almost everything in its path except my chalet. I had grabbed and held onto things for dear life and so I survived the impact of it all.

I opened my eyes utterly sick to the point of collapse.