Book 11: Holy Altars and Unholy Altars

The following morning, I gathered with my mother and shared with her the following:

Before praying the prayer given to me by my cousin, I browsed through it and read its heading:


Before I started to pray, he said, “Read SUMMARY ON ALTARS.” 

It appeared very to the point, but while reading it, a Hindu girl asked, “What are Altars?”

“Well,” I explained, “There are Holy Altars and there are also unholy altars.” 

“If you look to the front of a Church, the Preacher stands before an altar.”

“I am also converted in my Hindu religion,” she said.

For weeks on end my mother and I were under severe, continuous, heavy attacks of Hell’s best. Not knowing the cause, we remained in fast and earnest repentance.

During the wee hours of the 18th February 2015, I was taken into a Spirit vision in which a five-pointed star within a circle loomed before me. As the edges of the five-pointed star burned with evil, unholy, strange fires; deep darkness permeated everywhere.

This open vision followed another in which mom and I travelled deep into the forest. On reaching the chalet, weary and exhausted, we found the state of the place to be worse than a pigsty.

The filth and slime not only covered the walls, but the stench alone called every king of Hell, together with lesser ranks of evil spirits. How many, I don’t know. We could not rest because of the situation we found ourselves in. Together we decided to clean the house, and as we cleaned, the evil forces directly from Hell backed off.

Two days later, I was taken once more into a dream in the Spirit, in which I was to participate in an illustration.

While I was waking, a helicopter hovered over the crowd, and the voice of a man came from a loudspeaker, “The RFID chip is already out.” Immediately, a gasp filled the atmosphere. “The RFID chip is to be enforced!”

This not only brought about panic, but people fled in every direction. I too ran as fast as I could. So many, many were caught by very tall zombies who moved at lightning speed. They had just a blank stare which sent cold shivers down my spine. My spirit knew that the man in the helicopter had released the vilest evil.