Book 11: Python


For months on end mom and I fought a tiring battle which took us into a forty day fast and sincere repentance day and night. Towards the end of the fast the following was revealed.

In a Spirit dream, the bus arrived back at school with only a few who had attended a camp. How long she’d been camping I do not know, but the amount of books she brought back were so many. Mom was heavily loaded with the weight of it all, and moved slowly, climbing the stairway to her class where the teacher waited in great expectancy.

The few who returned could not explain their weariness, but the amount of literature that was brought back said it all. “When I have recovered, I will bring to light and expose everything,” she answered the teacher who had great patience.

I approached her that morning and told her that I was taken into a morning vision, and upon my bed we were in a perilous jungle. The scene exposed us to be under a complete threat and endangerment.

The jungle was beyond what I can even imagine to describe, but above me dangled an enormous Python.

Instantly, it coiled around my body ready to squeeze the life out of me. I knew without any effort, not even a gulp, that I would vanish. I was minute compared to the abnormality of it all.

I do not know how I escaped its powerful grip, but I was in the process of defending myself when I opened my eyes to relate it to mom. “The thing growling behind our fridge is Python,” I uttered, as I heard her in intense warfare with the unknown.

“So it is true that Python does exist,” she remarked. “If so, then Python must die!!!”

Warfare raged – I mean it raged violently!

I remained sick and so did mom until weeks later, I was taken into a Spirit vision of the morning in which mom and I browsed through a “Deliverance from Python” prayer that I received from Father.

We continued in sincere repentance from Python and all his cohorts and demons of witchcraft, divination, heaviness, weariness, fatigue, frustration, confusion, depression and oppression, the seducing spirits, the beguiling spirits, jezebel spirits and the spirits of controlling, dominating and manipulation that have been plaguing us.

“We destroy and render powerless all of your powers and all the powers of your cohorts mentioned plaguing our lives. We ask the Holy Lord Jesus to totally destroy all Python’s fruits. Lord Jesus only You can totally cleanse and purify our spirits, souls, bodies, minds and consciences and sub-consciences.

Please Holy Lord Jesus, go into the memory banks of our brains and erase any damage. Please Lord Jesus, go into the memory banks of our hearts and gut and erase all damage with Your Blood and Holy Fire. We call forth Truth to break the powers of Python and all of its cohorts.

We declare and decree that we will see what we were not able to see, and hear what we were not able to hear, in Jesus’ Name. We ask and seek Your complete instructions Holy Lord Jesus.”


For weeks on end, there were severe unusual attacks of witchcraft you would never be able to begin to imagine, to such an extent that no amount of rebuking made a difference. Mom spent nights in sincere earnest prayers once again, and took Python to the Court in Heaven.

The gracious Lord continually showed me on many occasions that I was back at school.

In the meantime, mom had a dream in the Spirit after she had spent many nights in sincere prayer. As a vehicle pulled up, there was an immediate outburst of violence. These had only one mind-set – “kill violently”.

The two perfectionists were running in the air towards her, but one soon flew into the far distance as a violent blow met her. While mom prepared herself in self-defence, the second one came towards her in a fit of rage. Oh, what a match! They never expected to be beaten up!

We continued in sincere repentance until mom burst into earnest desperation which brought an instant response from the Holy Lord Jesus. He Who responded with :

[1 John 5: 15 – 18] “And since we positively know that He listens to us in whatever we ask, we also know with absolute knowledge that we have the requests made of Him. If anyone sees his brother Believer committing sin that does not lead to death he will pray and God will give him Life yes, He will grant Life to all those whose sin is not one leading to death. There is a sin that leads to death; I do not say that one should pray for that. We know absolutely that anyone born of God does not deliberately and knowingly practice committing sin, but the One Who was begotten of God carefully watches over and protects him (Christ Divine Presence within him preserves him against the evil), and the wicked one does not lay hold (get a grip) on him or touch him.”

On the morning of the 19th March 2015, I approached my mother and told her that on two different occasions the Lord Jesus gave me Revelations.

In the first revelation, I was shown that mom had discerned the terribleness of the presence of evil and was in the process of rebuking, destroying and breaking curses of the two children of this certain person that I was with. She knew that these children were demon-demon.

Immediately, there appeared two little human stone images one above my head, the other to my left. Confused, this person took these images that he knew were his children, but somehow felt they were not right, and gave them to me.

Together, we took them to mom who completely destroyed them before our eyes. Evil hung heavily as I opened my eyes, absolutely sick.