Book 11: World of The Gnomes

During the wee hours of the 23rd March, I was to participate in an illustration not yet known to mankind.

While at home together with my relatives and mother, I watched as a midget moved amongst us. This small person came and went unhindered and on each occasion asked me to marry him. I do not know how it happened or why I agreed, but I did, and without any thought or reasoning. This midget persisted day after day proposing until I found myself entering into a strange existence from which I could not return.

On returning, he said, “My mother would like to meet you. She insisted that I find a good, clean person to marry or she would disown me.” I saw that it became too much for him to lose his mother. How it came to be that we met I do not know altogether.

The midget took my physical arm and instantly I felt that he held my spirit arm. As my spirit body moved out of my physical body, we flew towards the heavens. As I looked down to the ground, I saw that my spirit body looked just like my physical body.

While hovering in space, I tried my best to take in all I could grasp. The midget saw this and waited, for how long I do not know, but it seemed like hours. The entire earth was shrouded with a dark, grey, thick mist; out of the dirty mist appeared slinky funnels.

Then I remembered when I was taken before to the filing room in Hell we went down one of these funnels. Now years later I was shocked to see that the whole earth was covered with these slinky funnels.

We hovered above them so I looked into one which I knew led to Hell; red hot thick lava as violently moved to and fro. I also noticed that dirty thick hot lava ran down from these slinky funnels.


Still holding my spirit arm, we flew towards the slinky, whirling funnel. Immediately, my mind raced, “Oh no, not again! Are we going down into Hell through one of these funnels?”

Just then we flew horizontally with the entrance of the funnel and down its outside. My spirit body heaved with tremendous relief as I sighed!!!

Down, down we went through the dirty, thick mist below. I then knew we were entering into the deepest part of the ocean. Still holding my arm firmly, we reached the ocean bed. I was altogether surprised that I could breathe, not only in space, but also beneath the fathomless deep.

Still, my intake was overwhelmingly great as my human mind tried to grasp every bit of what was constantly permitted me to participate in. This midget actually allowed me enough time to grasp every bit.

Without being aware of what was about to happen next, we sank about a meter into the ocean bed. I noticed that I could still breathe. As we went down, we entered into a strange world below.

The sky was very cloudy; here and there I could see patches of solid ground below.


We came to land gently along a seashore which stretched a mile. Just then, I realized that I had the ability to see very far or near. Once again, I was more than just overwhelmed beyond all my wildest dreams when I heard him saying, “I am a gnome”.

Shocked beyond belief I thought, “How could it be? He looks so young and too human to be a gnome! He is also very friendly!”

Once again, he allowed me to try to grasp that I was in an entire enormous world of its own. For how long I do not know, but hours seemed to have passed by. I also noticed that there was no time nor night or day. Time just did not exist there.

Reader, this is more than what my human understanding can bring across to you, but we reached the forest after many hours of reasoning. We must have stood before the entrance of the forest for how long I do not know!

homes of the gnomes



With my unusual ability, I looked into the forest, and on the other side lay a vast city. Everywhere I saw gnomes. The males were dressed in green with a tightly fitted blue jeans, green cap, green shoes and a green top while the females wore the same except that they wore no cap.





Once again words fail to really, really describe all this to you, but the entire place was situated on murky swamps.


We stood for hours as I tried hard to take in most of what I could.



These are only some illustrations, but in reality they were a thousand times worse and even if an artist could paint it, it would not describe the fullness of what I really experienced and saw.

Oh, if I could only have enough illustrations to make more known to you as reader!

This place is very, very real, just as our present world exists.


I could see through the forest that on the other side lay an enormous city.

Stonetalon Cata

The atmosphere hung very thick in layers of diabolical, reddish, fiendish flames. I wondered how I would ever be able to breathe. My mind raced once more, “This place not only looks like the Abyss, but also has the equivalence of the atmosphere of Hell.”


Then I remembered the last time I was taken to down to Hell. I thought, “Oh no, I hope we are not in this part of Hell itself.”






images of red swamps 2

I looked towards the houses and saw his mother who knew we had arrived. She was sitting holding a long

stick in her hand. This is almost an exact illustration of her :

Swamp witch

The gnome pulled me along; it was time to enter the city, but somehow I resisted. I knew that once I had entered the place, there would certainly be a marriage. I also understood that I could never return to earth again.

Just then we heard multiple thunders mixed with multiple lightning. Its terribleness and fierceness was beyond description.

We actually felt coming out of the immensity, a heavy Great Power. Might and Majesty was beyond unsurpassed description.

It’s important for you as reader to understand the intense unlimited Perfection of the Father’s Presence through His Son Jesus.

There is no other power greater than the Almighty Father God’s presence in Jesus Christ. I had never before experienced the magnitude of His severe terribleness as I did then.

Looking up, I saw the Holy, Holy Lord Jesus standing on a pure white cloud.


In that awful atmosphere, Jesus appeared very tall –  about five meters in height. Jesus is unlimited, He knows no limit. Why He chose to appear that way was  more than my human mind could even grasp.

The Holy Lord wore a Pure white garment which radiated with tremendous infinite brilliance. Reader, the greatness in measure, blinded us. Jesus’ garment shone not because of the Heavenly material, but the Pureness shone like sparkling diamonds. Jesus’ Garment was spotless!


Immediately, we fell prostrate before Him. Although He saw me pure and spotless, I was still human-human. Immediately, I felt sinful in my human mind, and began repenting. The Lord’s main intention was not that I should repent.

My spirit understood that He waited for the exact moment to intercede. Jesus did not want me to feel guilty. He understood that I was still fully physical with my flesh body still lying on the ground at home.

Jesus came to prevent the gnome from taking me through the forest and into the city.

The Lord walked toward us, made a complete separation and took away the hand of the gnome from mine. All of Jesus enveloped me when He held my hand tightly in His own hand.

I knew He understood; He who knew all things and so we were to leave.

I also knew that the gnome could never return to his secluded world under the depths of the ocean; the Lord had cut it off.

It was past twelve when I opened my eyes, and for days I was very, very sick, not only physically, but also in my spirit body.

While sharing the realness of my experience, gnome manifested behind the fridge.

“So true, so true!” mom sighed. “So, you dirty, filthy, slimy gnome; you and your world do exist.”

The atmosphere hung intensely; while she compiled this portion of Script, I was sick and had to leave the room on several occasions.