Book 12: A Soul Tormented in Hell but Still Alive on Earth

A Soul Tormented in Hell but

Still Alive on Earth

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After a week, I finally arrived home. Two days later, I was about to doze off when a Brilliant Light appeared. Inside shone an opaque form of a Holy Being. There are Revelations your Spirit just knows and understands. My Spirit was calm; an absolute assurance entered me that this is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Being took me to a dreadful and most awful place; as we entered I was taken to a certain section. Before me was a soul of a person immersed in boiling lava and fire. This image is what I saw.



Shocked, I stared and could not blink an eyelid. I stood speechless looking at the back of this soul. Slowly, helplessly and hopelessly I moved to the side of this pit in Hell and then to the front. An overwhelming sorrowful state caused me much grief. The boiling lava had completely disfigured this poor soul. I could barely make out who it was yet my spirit knew this person who was beyond recognition.

The constant boiling and bubbling of the red hot lava completely mattered this person’s hair into a ball on top of his head. Words are unable to describe but my Spirit knew this man to be in his fifties.

I also knew that this poor, poor person was still alive on earth but his soul was in extreme great torment.

In Hell, I could actually feel something assaulting my physical body so my spirit looked up to where my body was lying. When I saw it, I thought, “Just wait till I come back; you will see what I will do to you.”

This frog as illustrated had one foot on my chest mugging me.Frog-in-a-Blue-Suit

On opening my eyes the thing fled, but I remained very, very

sick, and thought I would die. My bewildered mother had no

knowledge of what had taken place. “Please pray for me,”

I insisted earnestly. “Help me!! Help me please!!!”