Book 12: Monitored by the Queen of the Coast

Monitored by the Queen of the Coast

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During the wee hours of the morning of the 2nd June, the same recurring Spirit revelation loomed before me. My spirit knew that the exact image as illustrated above was the queen of the coast. This evil spirit was very beautiful and good looking, but exerted evil beyond what you and I could ever imagine.

Although she was very attractive I saw that from her waist down she was formed like a fish. She had very long auburn hair spanning down to her waist.

This inexplicable abomination stood afar off watching, watching and just watching. I knew that we were to face the great anger of the queen of the coast.

Mom had told me that we were being attacked by the evil queen of the coast and we suffered several weeks of her demonic attacks.

She stood at quite a distance contemplating her diabolical scheme; my spirit also knew that it was not yet given to her to come close to me. Her cunning and crafty intentions were a continuous, cruel, cold deception. I knew and understood that Christ End-Time Ministries was the next victim.

I saw that this evil spirit would entrap and take control of any situation. While relating this to mom, I became very sick, but as soon as we went into warfare prayers this evil spirit fled.

The following night, I was given another Spirit Revelation in which I was shown that mail was sent to the queen of the coast.

As Christ End-Time Ministries gathered, I was given a letter written by the pastor, but before it was sealed and posted I read the first line – “The Queen of the Coast”. We understood this to be a strong firm warning to her.

The envelope was addressed to “The Queen of the Coast”.

As I threw it into the local post box, I was given Spirit vision in which the postman collected all the mail. Then after delivering the local mail, he also took her mail to the City in the Ocean.


That morning, mom shared with me that there was a knock at the front door. Two men in black suits stared at her before they greeted, offering their gospel. She noticed that their appearance was as though it had been chiselled into a very hard, deep look. “Are you Jehovah’s Witness?” she said firmly.  “Yes,” came the reply. “Sorry, not accepted.”

They did not know that before the knock came that the gift of discernment was manifesting at its peak. They turned to stare at the front door before disappearing. All it took was just a stare to place an initiation which caused a severe explosion on her forehead. “Yes, an undercover demon disguised as ‘religion’,” mom said.

“These are undercover agents for the queen of the coast, so determined”, mom said as I prayed for her.