Book 12: Queen of the Coast

Queen of the Coast

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In another Spirit vision during the wee hours of May 15th 2015, I was once again at school. Whilst standing on the school premises my Spirit eyes opened. Pregnant, I knew that my unborn was a male infant. While deep in thought the gift of discernment began to operate – something was definitely wrong.

Pondering I looked into the realm of the spirit toward the fathomless deep of the Atlantic Ocean. Amazed, I saw multitudes of people of all races and nationalities. They were the inhabitants of the city in the ocean. Now while absorbing all I could amidst the great hosts, I saw a beautiful white woman.

Queen of the Coast

There are things your Spirit knows, and my Spirit knew that this person who had long auburn hair was the queen of the coast. I watched as power emanated from her unusual fit of rage, which said it all.

She had looked into the far future, and knew that my unborn baby had a Powerful Divine Call put upon his life. I also knew and understood her inexplicable fury. This child was called to destroy the secret occult world and also her own kingdom (the city in the ocean).

Then immediately the Lord Jesus allowed me to be present at her devious, masterminded meetings. These evil, wicked, tortuous minded demons were just planning, planning and planning. They knew that I was a very fierce matchless warrior.

Their plan – they were to walk up from the ocean bed to the seashore; from the beach they were to fly to me in their physical forms. The demon she chose to assist her would be one of atoms unable to be discerned. They worked out that they needed just seconds to steal the soul of my baby. This would be done while distracting me in the heat of intense warfare. Atoms would move undetected behind me and take the baby’s soul to the city in the ocean.

There the queen of the coast would initiate a wicked call of her own choice upon my baby’s life before returning it into my foetus. They knew every effort was to be made to accomplish this. “We have to steal and murder its Powerful Divine Call; this is more than just a threat.”

It was planned that once the child grew up he would then see a need to fulfil the calling upon his life planned by the queen of the coast.

I looked into an indescribable most terrifying moment as the inhabitants of the sea, turned demon, coming up from the ocean bed upon the seashore. Looking into fiendish, diabolical, red eyes, beyond shocked, I opened my physical eyes.

“Oh, so that is it,” mom pondered about the vicious attacks which had taken place during the wee hours of the morning. While she began compiling this section of the Script, deep growls manifested, and grew worse until she sighed and said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, I release Holy Atoms to engulf and annihilate all evil and unholy atoms. Holy Blazing Atoms, destroy, destroy, and destroy these evil atoms. Fire Atoms of the Holy Spirit… Holy Fire Atoms…”

Immediately, the demon fled and never returned.

In so many, many Spirit dreams, I was back at school, but this time I entered the classroom next to the principal’s office.

A week later, I was given a Spirit Revelation in which their next plan was to manifest because the first plan had failed – I was having a miscarriage and mom was rushing me to hospital.

I approached her and when she learnt of their wicked intentions, she withstood the demon of miscarriage and destroyed all future, evil schemes and plots. “Lord, pass judgement on all the diabolical intentions of queen of the coast, in Jesus’ Holy Name… In Yahushua’s Holy Name…”