Book 12: Silver Werewolf

Silver Werewolf

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During the month of April 2015, I awoke after being severely beaten, and was very sick that day. Together with a very tall, white woman, we were journeying on a long road when a demon spirit appeared. After we had fought a vicious battle and were about to continue our journey, a more powerful demon appeared.

Again we fought viciously and were about to continue our journey when an even more powerful demon appeared. There was no rest during our entire journey; as soon as one battle was fought another more powerful demon would engage us.

We fought on the ground, we fought in the air, and most of the time, we were beaten up because the clothing we wore was not suitable. The very tall, white woman wore a skirt and I a dress and most of the time we were trying to cover our bodies which were exposed during the vicious onslaught.


As the battles grew more intense, I cannot explain how it came to be, but suddenly we were clothed  in ordinary pants. Oh, how we matched those monsters in close combat. Once again I watched as we were about to continue our journey, because as we fought as two against one monster, there appeared two demons more terrible than the previous. At this, we took flight and showed a clean pair of heels with these monsters close behind us. I ran onto an escalator, up two flights, the other woman ran in another direction.

This time I turned to see what I was about to come face to face with; shocked beyond belief, I was looking into a very grave situation. This very strange but absolutely true abomination had the ugliest black eyes. Instantly, I noticed that the monster stood on ground level, but its head reached the ceiling of the second floor about ten metres up.

I pondered deeply about how I was to fight a werewolf whose hair was pure silver. Reader, what took place in the spirit realm actually affected me badly. I remained sick that day.