Book 12: Statue of the Beast

Statue of the Beast

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In Spirit vision, together with mom, we strolled along in a certain place, when I remarked, “Look!”; my Spirit knew that the image we beheld was spoken of in Revelation 13: 14  “And because of the signs (miracles) which he is allowed to perform in the presence of the first beast, he deceives those who inhabit the earth, commanding them to erect a statue (an image) in the likeness of the beast who was wounded by the sword and still lived.”

Multitudes bowed down to the image of the beast, but mom and I strongly refused. In fact, we were the only two who would not worship the erected image which stood on the ground.


Without warning, the breath of life was imparted into the beast’s statue and it became alive. This was no longer a statue; it was fuming fiercely in order to put both mom and I to death. Instantly, we fled with the hideous monster close behind us at our heels.

Revelation 13: 15 “And he is permitted also to impart the breath of life into the beast’s image, so that the statue of the beast could actually talk and cause to be put to death those who would not bow down and worship the image of the beast.”