Book 12: The Beast

The Beast

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The following Spirit Revelation was given to me that night; as it unfolded mom and I fled from this unimaginable nightmare. The thing stood high into the sky on all four legs covered by evil fires. We looked directly into small, diabolical red eyes.


As we fled into the reinforced underground shelters, I knew and understood that this was the beast spoken of in Revelation Chapter Thirteen. “Also he (the beast) compels all alike, both small and great, both the rich and the poor, both free and slave, to be marked with an inscription (stamped) on their right hands or on their foreheads.”

Once again, it was so true that this evil spirit of beast manifested behind our fridge. This is the closest illustration I could find, but it is not yet the exact image of the beast I was really shown.

The following evening, I was resting upon my bed after sleepless nights during which both mom and I faced severe demon attacks. Every joint seemed out of its socket. Demons attached to our beds made it worse. Tired and exhausted, I closed my eyes only to be taken into Spirit Revelation; before me loomed a black holder hanging from a cord.

My Spirit understood that its contents were empowered by high ranking demons. I watched as it came through the air and stopped before me. I was also shown that at present I was very high in Spirit pregnancy. My Spirit knew that it was directed at my future unborn baby.

On opening my eyes, I rushed to mom. Manifestation of the presence of evil growled behind our fridge, which took mom into deep warfare prayers.

Immediately, she laid hands upon me; I shook as electricity of the Holy Spirit ran through me.

“Oh Lord, who can face this type of demon attack? Without You, we are nothing but dust, but You in us, You through us.”