Book 12: The Class of Deceptions

The Class of Deceptions

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In 2014, the Holy Lord gave me a Spirit Revelation that Christ End-Time Ministries had met up with Kenneth Hagen Senior whom we knew had gone to be with the Lord Jesus. I had misunderstood the proper meaning of this Spirit Revelation, and went about over a period of time paying all the expenses. A week before departure, I released the news to my badly shaken mother.

It was like a time bomb, though in that split second the Holy Spirit showed her what I could not perceive. Immediately, her spirit rumbled in turmoil which I had never seen before. It appeared that the entire forces of the dark kingdom involved with this setup, responded.

The heaviness of what her spirit discerned caused her sleepless nights in which she had a Spirit dream. She participated in a cycling race, and saw many crossing the finishing line with ease and comfort. Mom’s bicycle had turned into very heavy weights which she had to push with all her might. So with every bit of effort, she crawled, inch by inch, pushing this abnormal load, and came to the finish line. To her utter amazement she was awarded the prize.

I approached her and explained that a white man from the UK had for two weeks forced himself onto me through WhatsApp. This total stranger became so persistent insomuch that the stinking, rotten odours and deep growling intensified. I remained sick and could not sleep, but when I finally dozed off I was taken out of my physical body. Instantly, I was high in the air and looked over South Africa. As I beheld this scene, bold lettering appeared on a map “ planning “

I saw this white man from the UK; he knew that I had booked myself into a lodge. I was shown planning, planning and planning. I opened my eyes, shocked and shaken.

Immediately, I approached my mother and related more revelations of what the Holy Spirit had given me. In one of the revelations, Pastor Michael Birch, together with mom and I were about to leave school. They told me that I was under a heavy spell of hypnosis, and with every effort had tried to help me, but I refused. As I passed through the school gate, the spell broke and I came to myself.

I also told her that I had dreamt that she sat with me, going through the Scriptures of lies and deception. Yet in another Spirit dream, I was shown that I was at school.

She sat listening to me as deep wells of tears covered her. “Yolin,” she said, “This is a very serious matter.”

“You had misunderstood and misapplied Spirit Revelation! The Lord had shown you that this Ministry would meet Kenneth Hagen Senior in the Gathering of the Saints. He had also shown an important fact that Satanists are after us to kill us before the Gathering of the Saints.

This white man had come to Cape Town to complete this assignment, that is why he is harassing you to the point of extremity. In this instance, the secret was out in the open, the hypnosis broke and the anointing of the Holy Spirit swept through. Although I soared, there was a nagging in me anyway; when the time arrived I left and arrived at the hotel.

Utterly exhausted after an eighteen hour journey, I tried to sleep, but all my efforts were in vain. Evil spirits tormented me each night insomuch that I lay sick for three days. Medication did not help so mom contacted me and told me that it was a demonic sickness. “Plead the Blood of Jesus,” she insisted, so I pleaded the Blood of Jesus Christ for three days. After the third day, a dark force lifted from me.

It was as though I had never been sick, not knowing that mom had not stopped fasting and persevered in earnest prayer for me night and day ever since I left.