Book 12: Women Set Free from a Long Kept Secret

Women Set Free from a Long Kept Secret

(With thanks to Jana and Steven Ben DeNoon)

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The greatest crime ever committed was against women! A crime prophesied in Genesis. Women were to be silenced in church, turned into faceless individuals, prisoners and slaves for the lust of men.

However, Yashua (Jesus) came and set the captives free including women, but Rome conspired to keep them prisoners and the greatest crime ever committed since the Garden of Eden was committed against women in the altering of Apostles’ words so that women would not know that Yashua came to set them FREE but would be kept in bondage, missing out on the blessings that Yashua bestowed on all of us.

Women of GOD it is time for you to know what Yashua really thinks of you and what He did for you!

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