Book 13: Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids

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Today, the 21st August 2015, a group and I reached deep into the thicket to camp, but some spotted a tikoloshe. These few thought it fun to chase the thing, but after a while it disappeared.

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 In Spirit, I saw that a witch had caught the thing, chopped it up and made food from it. From a distance, I watched as these few ate the delicious food. These were later possessed by what they had eaten – ‘the tikoloshe’. I fled for my life as hell itself began hunting me.

Yet in another Spirit vision, I was walking behind Hameed when my Spirit eyes opened, only to see terrible, diabolical motions around him. Unexpectedly, I heard a still small voice coming from above, “The same type of atmosphere around Hameed is equal to the atmosphere around an alien.” My Spirit knew it was the voice of Jesus.

Immediately, I understood as He continued, “I will not tell you (Christ End-Time Ministries) the root why Hameed has the same atmosphere around him as an alien because you are not yet on certain levels and also not yet equipped to handle the root. When you reach those levels I will reveal it you.” Then I understood that the Lord would come back to us on this matter.

In another Spirit vision, I fled for my life, running deep into the wilderness. Close behind me were multitudes of black eyed children who were now adults. These were desperate to end my life using special diabolical powers. I knew these were demons in human form.

I also knew that they were spirit yet flesh, and no amount of rebuking would help. My only weapon to defend myself came at a time most needed. A surge of Almighty Father’s Divine Super Power infused into my Spirit. I actually experienced the two becoming One Power.

Then I understood that Divine Power channelling directly into my Spirit from Almighty God Himself was my only weapon.




Again I attended a local school and soon discovered that ninety-nine percent of all who were present were demons in human forms. Only a total of three were human – human.

These black-eyed kids knew that I was not one of them as instantly hell itself opened to hordes of these.

Once again, I actually felt surges of Almighty Father’s Divine Super Power infused into my Spirit.

The Lord’s Power surging out of my inner being proved a Greater Weapon.

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Warfare raged out of control and no amount of rebuking helped; mom became very sick suffering from hay fever for two weeks which turned into a bad flu. In this state, we were to experience the ugly forces of these black-eyed adults in our neighbourhood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Each morning, we would open our eyes feeling beaten up, very exhausted and very sick.

Mom said, “Yolin, it appears that evil has united with evil, and evil upon evil has joined in this battle. This is definitely a one of a kind battle. Who would believe it? Who would understand?”

Her only help was spending quality time in direct communication with Almighty Father. Each time she prayed more earnestly.

Our only weapon with which to defend ourselves came at a time most needed. Surges of Almighty Father’s Divine Super Power infused into our Spirits. Father’s Power surging out of our inner being proved a Greater Weapon in healing my mother.