Book 13: Heavy Spells of Hypnosis

Heavy Spells of Hypnosis

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For months mom and I relived Book 12 pages 19 – 22. I quote:-

“Immediately, I approached my mother and related more revelations of what the Holy Spirit had given me. In one of the revelations, Pastor Michael Birch, together with mom and I were about to leave school. They told me that I was under a heavy spell of hypnosis, and with every effort had tried to help me, but I refused. As I passed through the school gate, the spell broke and I came to myself.”

“Yolin,” she said, “This is a very serious matter.”

Mom and I sat relating over what had happened some time ago when I accepted a friendly request from Tanzania on Facebook. As time passed, this friend together with fourteen others of his own also from Tanzania, had cast a very heavy spell of hypnosis upon me. There was one from Ghana; I had also accepted his friendly request thinking that I could share the Gospel of Jesus with them. This person from Ghana was to slyly initiate me together with the Ministry into an occult school.

Not knowing that my whole world would come crashing down under sway, as evil united with evil, and more than evil. I staggered as the real me was pressed down while evil spirits assigned to destroy me emerged violently. These forces tormented and pressurized me beyond words to run amok without reason. Where to I do not know.

For months, I cried out for help, but no one heard my inner cry. There were times when I was not myself, as the real me was pushed down. One day, blood oozed from my photo on Facebook; I was beyond terrified at this strange but true happening.

Reader, I would never have understood what fruits are produced when under heavy spells of hypnosis, but I found myself committing fornication. I did not realize they were planning, planning and just planning, but when I returned home, mom and I relived Book 12.

One day the Lord gave me two Spirit revelations in which I approached her seriously, quoting from Book 12 page 19 :–

“I also told her that I had dreamt that she sat with me, going through the Scriptures of lies and deception. Yet in another Spirit dream, I was shown that I was at school.”

“This inexplicable abomination stood afar off watching, watching and just watching. I knew that we were to face the great anger of the queen of the coast. I saw that this evil spirit would entrap and take control of any situation.“

Reader, mom and I pored over this matter as the queen of the coast constantly and persistently tried to diabolically entrap and take control over this situation.

Remember, we are only human so her heart bled and bled before the Mercy Seat of Almighty Father God. “Lord, my house is in ruins! What good could come out of ruins?…”

In two different Spirit dreams, she saw her house in ruins, and went into fast and earnest prayer before the High Court in Heaven.

A shocking reply shook her, “Ye who is without sin should cast the first stone.”

We spent two weeks in earnest prayer, fasting and repenting until one day the Lord showed me that we should clothe my unborn infant in Purest White. Mom and I covenanted and signed the following before the Throne of Mercy and Grace :

“Lord Jesus, we, Cindy and Yolin, covenant the baby and ourselves for Father God Almighty’s full and complete protection against all Satan’s means or methods of assignments his kingdom of darkness and every agent of the devils would use to attack us.

You revealed to me that we should clothe the baby in white. From this covenant, Holy Father, in Jesus’ Holy Name, clothe the child’s complete life span and eternal future with Your garment, gown and robe. Write its name in the Lamb’s Book of Life and place Your Seal upon its forehead that overwrites all evil covenants and dedications placed upon this young life.

We now repent and renounce all sins known and unknown which would have a foothold in this child’s life back to Adam and Eve. All complete ancestral and generational curses, demon – demon, sickness, dedications and whatsoever might manifest to affect us or this infant, is totally purified and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus and Holy Fire of Almighty Father God.

Place us in the Blazing Holy Fire Tunnel once more to preserve and protect and purify us and prepare us for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

We thank You for Honouring this Covenant in Jesus’ Holy Name.”

The following day, I opened my eyes from Spirit Revelation and told her that the Lord had taken the infant from its earthly father and Jesus Himself carried my infant. “Be still and know that I am God.” My heart was completely taken over by the Greatness of His Love and forgiveness of my ugly sins. I told her that the Lord had accepted the Covenant.

I remained very sick and completely out of breath, then one day, as we pored over the matter of hypnosis, she anointed my head with oil commanding the heavy spell of hypnosis to be broken. The Lord worked while she laid hands upon me. Glory to Jesus for He Truly is Merciful, His Ways are beyond human reasoning. Jesus had set me free! I am no longer sick!

The following day, the Lord gave me Spirit Revelation in which I saw my unborn infant to be human, but had a slight appearance of human – demon. This mom took earnestly to the High Court in Heaven where she produced the Covenant.

I was once again back at school, and saw that my infant was born with no disfigurement. I said to mom, “Why did the Lord not choose someone else who is without sin? Someone much better than me!”

“Well, He showed you this Script in its completeness!” she replied.

How far will you go for Jesus?” she said. “All the way,” I replied.

[Romans 9: 15 – 16] “For He saith to Moses, I will have mercy on him, to whom I will show mercy: and will have compassion on him, on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not in him that willeth, nor in him that runneth, but in God that showeth mercy” (Geneva Bible)

[Romans 9: 20 – 21] “But, O man, who art thou which pleads against God? Shall the thing formed say to Him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the Potter Power of the clay to make of the same lump one vessel to honour, and another unto dishonour?”

But still warfare continued as we face, and I quote from Book 12 :-

“She (the queen of the coast) had looked into the far future, and knew that my unborn baby had a Powerful Divine Call put upon his life. I also knew and understood her inexplicable fury. This child was called to destroy the secret occult world and also her own kingdom (the city in the ocean).

Then immediately the Lord Jesus allowed me to be present at her devious, masterminded meetings. These evil, wicked, tortuous minded demons were just planning, planning and planning.

Their plan – they were to walk up from the ocean bed to the seashore; from the beach they were to fly to me in their physical forms. The demon she chose to assist her would be one of atoms unable to be discerned. They worked out that they needed just seconds to steal the soul of my baby. This would be done while distracting me in the heat of intense warfare. Atoms would move undetected behind me and take the baby’s soul to the city in the ocean.

There the queen of the coast would initiate a wicked call of her own choice upon my baby’s life before returning it into my foetus. They knew every effort was to be made to accomplish this. “We have to steal and murder its Powerful Divine Call; this is more than just a threat.”

It was planned that once the child grew up he would then see a need to fulfil the calling upon his life planned by the queen of the coast.

I looked into an indescribable most terrifying moment as the inhabitants of the sea, turned demon, coming up from the ocean bed upon the seashore. Looking into fiendish, diabolical, red eyes, beyond shocked, I opened my physical eyes.”

[Ephesians 6: 11 – 12] “Put on the whole armour (the armour of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies), that you may be able successfully to stand against all the strategies and the deceits of the devil. For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood (contending only with physical opponents), but against the despotisms, against the powers, against the master spirits forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.”