Book 13: Prophecies

Chapter Four


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In my first Spirit dream, I was with a Company of Prophets I knew was End-Time. Out of this True Company I recognized Joshua Houchens and Kelvin Mireku together with others. Immediately, I understood the Call upon my life.

In the second Spirit dream, mom and I were with a Class of Prophets whom I also knew was End-Time. As she announced the names of each prophet, I saw that they appeared. They were True Prophets of the Lord; as she continued calling, “Joshua Houchens” – I saw he appeared and joined the class; “Kelvin Mireku”, then he appeared and likewise joined the Class of Prophets ; “Stephanie Rosato” and she appeared and joined the Class of Prophets; And so she continued until the Class of Prophets was filled.

My Spirit knew this was leading to the next Chapter of the Script.

Yet in another Spirit dream, I watched as my mother secured the shed window and door. She said, “There is something terrible about this night.”

Likewise, she bolted and secured the back door and went to another part of the house, but I went out into the backyard and found so many animals. They were hiding away from something terrible. Quickly, I bundled them into my arms and brought them into the house, when mom appeared and hurriedly helped me to secure the animals.

Simultaneously, there was a loud thud on the rooftop as this evil spirit forcefully tried to enter. I had just about locked and secured the back door when I noticed that long arms were trying to squeeze through the window.

With all my might, I pushed hard to close the window trying to break its arms. In the meantime, the demon was trying to offer me a huge sum of money. Just let me in!

Deep in my spirit, I not only knew but understood that if this evil entered, both mom and I would instantly be killed.

Yet in another Spirit dream, as mom and I were walking along, we came face to face with a demon called “Instant Death”.

I knew that no human in all its capacity could ever match Instant Death. It had a black body like a human with white stripes and a terrible looking head of a lizard. Its power surpassed both mom and I as a fierce battle broke out.



Instantly, there appeared a Divine Angel whom I knew had been sent by Almighty Father God. Its appearance was like unto stone, impenetrable. Exceptionally rare.

The Divine Being was sent to destroy Instant Death and so it was.

Spiritual warfare raged intensely, especially at night, the smell of her parents swept through the house. But as mom said, these were demons masquerading as her parents; the atmosphere grew to an ugly thickness as evil manifested. She walked around the living room and to each demon present said, “My parents are gone home to be with the Lord Jesus. Every one of you bloodline generational evil spirits, you are no longer needed. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I arrest all of you.”

While she dealt with the kingdom of darkness my flesh cringed. “Father, in Jesus’ Name, I ask that You unsheathe the 30 foot Sword. Come forth Sword of the Lord, come forth! Come forth Sword of the Lord, come forth! In Jesus’ Name, come forth. Slay and utterly destroy all evil present. Accomplish! Bring glory to the Name of the Holy Lord!”

Our Spirit actually discerned the Sword of the Lord moving swiftly as evil fled to her mother’s bedroom. There she dealt with the tikoloshe which had been described in the previous books.

This thing had the torso of a human, but the upper body of a praying mantis. Both mom and I had already come face to face with it in the previous books.


The actual tikoloshe was a thousand times worse in appearance and power.

This thing was sent to wipe out the entire seed of her mother, and had brought an army that night.

Warfare intensified as mom unearthed witchcraft bones etc. which filled a plastic bag which she removed from the premises.