Book 13: Released from Pits of Gloom

Chapter Three

Released from Pits of Gloom

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For weeks we faced sleepless nights and remained under severe demon attacks. I opened my eyes, having a black out. One evening, the thing manifested while mom sat at the computer. “Evil spirit, I arrest you together with all your powers and devices and send you back to the sender. Do to them what you were sent to do to us, a thousand times more. In Jesus’ Name… In Jesus’ Name…” as both of us agreed.

Praise the Lord, the thing fled and never returned.

Though warfare intensified, we sought the Lord once again for answers. The following Spirit dreams were given to me.

On two different occasions, I was back at school; each class was a thousand times worse than the previous. Before moving onto the next level all demon infestation was defeated, crushed, whipped, and overcome in battle.

The class was then prepared for the next group of students, and so I proceeded to the next and the next.

In the following Spirit dream both mom and I were raptured.

There are Spirit Revelations downloaded into your spirit. We understood that the Holy Lord had sent us back to help the ones who had missed the rapture and were left behind.

The first thing we saw back on earth was more demons than human beings. The only humans we saw were the ones who were actually working with demons. I knew they were witches, warlocks, wizards, occultists, zombies etc…

There were demon spirits which took the appearance of humans.

Here are some illustrations, but in reality they are a thousand times worse.





Mom and I went searching for the Believers who remained in a terrible state in places of concealment.


These poor, poor Believers who fled were more than just nervous wrecks.



Yes, Believers were struggling with their own personal demons.

The sight was overwhelming beyond being frightful, and these demons were even more infernal than could ever be imagined.

My spirit also knew that these were ones released from the pits of gloom.

When desperate situations arise, who has the imagination and words to even describe it.

I will try my best to reveal what the natural eye of all those who would be left behind, are to face. Unless you had been present, no illustration can really unfold the horror of it all.








Reader, earthly terms cannot describe the actual hordes of Hell that will manifest. The actual demon manifestation will be a million times worse than any picture can hope to illustrate!

The human mind would boggle and become hopelessly insane upon looking at those things and what is about to become more than real.

Unbearable, crushing and mind-bending horrors of the Tribulation will be unleashed.

These people who worked with demon-angels were unreasonable beasts. They counted it a delight to be trained and had eyes full of insatiable evil.

Luke 21: 25 “There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars, and upon the earth trouble among the nations, with perplexity: the sea and the waters shall roar.”

Luke 21: 26 “And men’s hearts shall fail them for fear and for looking after those things which shall come on the world: for the powers of heaven and shall be shaken.”