Book 14: Astral Gemstones

Astral Gemstones

Yet warfare intensified almost out of control. Mom and I spent each night under heavy demon monitoring. Each morning was worse than the previous, and that is how we opened our eyes – feeling rotten and sick.

One morning, mom investigated the garden, and lo and behold, there was an astral gemstone under the shrub tree. The smooth, polished crystal stone together with others were removed immediately.

Not realizing its properties, mom picked it up with her hand and soon regretted it. Heavy, demon energies caused her to sway and stagger. On the other hand, I could not wake up to help her, so she battled these very dark, dark forces.

“Yolin, please rebuke all levels of curses associated with the astral crystals and all levels of crystal power and energies. Break and destroy all levels of initiation also,” she blurted out.

I prayed according to her words and instantly she recovered, praise the Lord! He is more than faithful.

Astral Gemstones

This piece of information is what gave us insight into what demon had manifested, so while mom compiled this portion of the script, the abysmal manifested with a heavy thump on the roof. Mom responded, “Energy demons associated with astral crystals, I set you alight with Holy Fire to burn for all eternity, in Jesus’ Name.”

“These astral gemstones aid psychic abilities and can open and activate the higher chakra. If you always carry a crystal with you when perform a certain task – it will be the crystal which guides that task.”

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