Book 14: Attacked by the Astral World

Attacked by the Astral World

Days later, we were just about to recover when I was shown by the Lord Jesus that a dreadful thing had happened to mom and me. It was so terrible that it was taken from me and just a few parts of the vision became vivid.

I was in the spirit and beheld a multitude of people leaving their physical bodies and entering into the astral world. My spirit understood what this meant! The moment I opened my eyes, I alerted mom who declared that we should gather in prayer.

Astral Attacks

Sitting on my bed the following night, I was taken into an open Spirit vision. I saw myself standing in the Pastor’s house next to the cream couch when the following happened :

A gothic, black hooded, cloaked demon in human form appeared, and to all appearances this thing’s face was so distorted that I am unable to describe it. This evil masqueraded, making different hand movements that I could not understand.

It knew that my spirit eyes had opened and that I was well aware of the evil performances. Afraid, I rushed to my mother who began praying for me. I was sick and could not sleep that night.

The following night, it returned, and I noticed that the thing no longer had a distorted face. Demon violence broke out immediately; furthermore, I was looking into a faceless thing which had no eyes but could see.

The following illustration must be taken a thousand times worse than it appears, wearing a black hooded cloak with long, white hair.

Faceless eva

Warfare continued as we gathered for prayer at night. I remained sick and could not sleep. I was then taken into an open vision and told mom that we had an unwelcomed visitor. This illustration is as close to the thing I really, really saw.

Unwanted Visitor

I could not describe it to her, making it difficult to really know what to rebuke, but I knew and understood that this thing was assigned to terrify and torment Believers, especially at night.

So during the wee hours of the following morning, mom was persevering in prayer and dozed off utterly exhausted after weeks of sleepless nights. The most horrifying thing happened at four that morning. It seemed that this thing must have stood at the head of her bed and threw an evil fire ball. It landed with great force causing her physical body to jump like an elastic band.

A lightning bolt hit her from the crown of her head and ran down her entire form. Excessive burns and severe pain covered her and her entire bed. She opened her eyes and wondered what had hit her!

It took some time to rebuke and get the burning pains from her, so she dozed off at the foot of her bed only to open her eyes after six that morning in a terrible state. Once more, she sat and anointed herself with olive oil, and after some time, the burning pains left her physical body.

Her utterly exhausted body, caused her to doze off once again, only to awaken that morning feeling more than rotten.

We had persevered through the most terrible day. I remained sick. At five, mom and I gathered as I said the sealing prayer. Thereafter, she began purifying the entire house and possessions – anything that might give this thing the legal right to attack us so gruesomely.

As she prayed, the Holy Spirit showed her to bind up the Allah demon good and solid. So she did, and requested that Father grant her request that the Allah demon be thrown into the bottomless pit. She had separated our property, in the spirit realm, which was joined to four other properties. There were five houses in a row, built with one long roof and one long foundation, only having fencing to separate each house.

We were the only Believers, while the rest of the property owners were dedicated Muslims. Each Muslim family had gone to Mecca – so you can imagine!

Anyway, this Allah demon was so well bound up and cast into the bottomless pit as granted, that an amazing thing happened. Mom and I recovered almost immediately, as though nothing had happened!