Book 14: Clones / Black Eyed Kids

Mom had Google’d some downloads called “Guess who’s been cloned part 1 to 14”, exposing that aliens had requested this certain person to clone every famous celebrity, every president, and all royalties, singers, sportsmen/women etc. the list goes on and on. An alien would inhabit each cloned body so each person had three clones. This had been going on since the 1930’s and continues up till today.

I had watched another download exposing the death of Oprah Winfrey who had three clones. Immediately, the unexpected happened. I told mom that we had present with us the most terrifying company. The infernal abomination caused the atmosphere to become unbreathable and thick, so we went about rebuking, and soon settled down for the night, but as soon as I closed my eyes, I was overwhelmed, for in a Spirit vision upon my bed, I saw our living room filled with creatures. Some were animals and others half-human half-animal.

On opening my eyes, I rushed to mom who had already dozed off. Immediately, unimaginable warfare broke out and of course you can imagine it! Anyway, the battle was soon over!

“So these half-human half-animals had been inhabiting Oprah’s clone,” I muttered. “Aliens do inhabit clones! Oh how many clones have filled the whole earth? How many black-eyed clones have reached adulthood?” I had many cogitations which troubled me.

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