Book 14: Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

I had gone to a certain relative one evening and noticed a dream catcher behind the front door as we left and said goodbye, not imagining what would happen next.

I called to mom most of that night, “Pray for me, I feel terrible! I cannot describe what is attacking me!” She said, “Yolin, an overwhelming dark and evil presence followed you after you had looked upon that dream catcher.” I told her that the atmosphere was so thick and heavy at this relative’s place that I was being choked.

While she Google’d “dream catcher occult”, I remained sick. The depth of our spirit tumbled as the same choking presence rumbled and thundered, manifesting what I could hardly describe to her.

So this piece of information is what mom Google’d, and could not research further because of demonic manifestation. You are to Google and to research further if necessary.

Dream Catcher


While not as powerful as true magical items, charms offer minor effects that primal druids and shamans can carry with them to gain small protections and insights against the world and its dangers.

Created by the druid himself, charms are designed as a means to focus the primal energies that the worshiper communes with and are infused with these primal spirits who then act as guardians and protectors to the worshiper.

While not intelligent in their own right, the spirits tied to these charms are disposed towards helping the druid provided they seek harmony with specific inhabitants of the natural world. For instance, a dream-catcher charm crafted from the shavings of an oak tree, plucked raven feathers and the webbings of a spider may be infused with spirits that demand a druid tend to these particular flora, mend a broken wing, and stay the hand of a home keeper who happens to have an arachnid roommate in their sights. Provided these interests are met, the most typical of these charms will then act as wards and seers on behalf of the druid.


Crafting cost: 50 gold

Weight: 2 lbs

Additional components: 2 raven feathers, oak shavings (5 lbs worth), and spider webbing (2 lbs worth)

A druid can place a dream-catcher above or near them when they take an extended rest, and the spirits imbued in this charm provides protection over the course of that rest. Warding them against evil spirits, this charm can prevent intrusive agents from entering the druid’s dreams while they sleep.

Additionally, upon waking, the druid can become aware that such machinations took place by observing the webbings of the catcher. If malign forces attempted to enter the sleeper’s dreams, a dark tar-like substance remains in the catcher’s webs.

Google for further information

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