Book 14 : End Time Church Blazing with Fire

End Time Church Blazing with Fire

During the day, I approached her and told her that I had a Spirit vision of the night, in which I was on my way with a certain person leading him to conversion. As we came within distance of the Church, I noticed that it was on fire.

Blazing Dove

The fire was literally burning fiercely, but the Church was not consumed, so I understood that the Church was ablaze with intense Holy Fire.

As we entered the Church, I saw mom; she was ablaze, burning excessively; around her was Blazing Holy Fire.

I looked around and saw Pastor Michael Birch and his brother also ablaze with Holy Fire.

They were literally burning with a great Fire, but were not consumed. I looked at myself, I too had a Blazing Holy Fire burning around me.

Deep in my Spirit, I had a sure conviction that this was an End Time Church blazing with Holy Fire.

I gazed around and saw that the End Time Church was full; its members all earnestly worshiping the Lord Jesus.

Reader, oh how the Holy Anointing rained down like Blazing Holy Fire! I too joined in the Holy song unto the Lord.

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