Book 14: Flesh Eating Worms and Insects

Flesh Eating Worms and Insects

I enquired of the Lord, and then on two different occasions, had Spirit dreams in which I was attacked by flesh eating worms and insects. We spent days of sleepless nights dozing off, only to awake very sick. One night, as mom dozed off, utterly exhausted, she opened her eyes and asked me to pray for her. She said that hundreds of worms had covered her. The ends of their tails were used as whips. They violently whipped and pushed her into the ground. As she called, “The Blood of Jesus… The Blood of Jesus…” she awoke, very sick. Then I remembered buying two red cushions some time ago which I put on my bed. When mom took one to her bed, she was violently attacked. The moment we got rid of those cushions the violent worm attack ceased.


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